Thursday, August 10, 2017

George's Hospital Stay.

So I mentioned in my birth story that George aspirated some meconium before he was born so he was having a little trouble breathing and keeping his oxygen levels up. Which you may have noticed since in his first pictures he had an oxygen cannula on.  

Those cheeks just kill me!

Anyways, little buddy was doing really well since he was full term but he just wasn't able to keep his oxygen levels up. So he had to be in the nursery all the time and was only able to come to our room that first time for me to see him. After that we always had to go to the nursery to be with him. Which was kind of a problem since I was not really that great at moving since I had just had major surgery so it was kind of a hassle for me to get there to see him and also rest because I needed to heal. 

You can see his little oxygen monitor there. 

So for the first day or so we really had no idea when he would be able to get off the oxygen which meant we really had no idea when he would be able to come home. The only good thing about me having a c-section is that I had to stay in the hospital at least 3 days so we knew that we would have some time for all of us to be there together. 

On monday, the day after he was born, he started having a few more problems with the oxygen. Having the oxygen constantly flowing into his little nose was drying his nose out so his body was making fluid to keep his nose less dry which was making him congested. But the only way to help him not be congested was to stop the oxygen but they couldn't do that because he needed it to keep his lungs working right. So the poor boy was trapped in a bad cycle of needing oxygen but the oxygen was making him congested so then the oxygen wasn't getting to his lungs effectively. 

We had a really scary moment when I was feeding him one day and his saturation levels dropped to the 60's (they should be near 100). A bunch of people rushed to his little bassinet and started trying to get him to breathe better. He was so congested that even with the extra oxygen he couldn't breathe effectively. They had to do all this intense suction just to clear out his little nose and it was one of the saddest things I have ever seen. The poor boy was so miserable and I am sure that having 6 people suctioning out your nose is not great at all. I was a total mess because I just wanted to be helping my baby but I knew there was nothing I could do to help. We kind of got thrown into the deep end of parenting having to deal with an intense hospital stay right away and it was a lot to have to handle. 

After all that suctioning an ENT came to look at him and prescribed him some nasal steroid drops and those helped a ton with his congestion so we were hoping he would be able to get off the oxygen soon, but any time they would lower his levels to try and wean him off the oxygen he wouldn't handle it very well so they would have to raise it back up. 

On Wednesday afternoon we had asked the doctor when she thought he would be able to get off the oxygen and she said that it could take up to a week. That was pretty defeating because I was going to be discharged the next day and we really didn't want to have to leave him at the hospital. 

Then, a miracle happened. When his nurse was doing his evaluation at about 9 on Wednesday night she took his oxygen off for a minute to do his drops and noticed he was doing really well without it so she decided to leave it off for a few minutes while she did the rest of his evaluation and see how he did. He did great. So she asked the pediatric resident that was on call if he could do his room air test to see if he could handle being off the oxygen. The resident agreed and then the most stressful 6 hours of our life began. George needed to be able to keep his saturation levels high enough for 6 hours without having any desaturations below about 85. 

And of course the 6 hours started at like 9:30 so the test wouldn't be done until 3:30 in the morning so we were getting no sleep that night. But seeing his little face with the cannula on was worth not sleeping. 

Spencer and I sat there and started the vitals monitor for about 2 hours straight before we started to lose our minds. We decided that Spencer would go back to the room and get some sleep because we would hopefully be taking George back to the room with us and one of us needed to be somewhat less sleep deprived. So I just sat there and held my baby and prayed that he would keep his levels up. I don't think time has ever passed so slowly. 

But George did great and at around 4 in the morning the resident came back and said "looks great. You can take him to your room now."

Which was exactly what we had wanted but it was super overwhelming. Especially with no sleep. 

So we took our little guy back to our room and we were on our own. And he was screaming. The poor guy literally screamed until about 7:30. To say it was a long night is an understatement. He finally fell asleep and I got this cute picture. The only way it would have been better is if I had also been sleeping. 

Then it was morning and we had kind of a crazy day because we were getting ready to get discharged which meant basically every doctor in the hospital had to come talk to us. It was good to get everything checked up on one last time but it was pretty overwhelming because I had slept approximately 20 minutes the night before. But everything was looking good so they gave George a bath and then sent us on our way. 

It was kind of crazy that like 18 hours before he had been on oxygen and now they were just sending us away with him but we were so happy that he was doing well and that we could bring him home the same day I got discharged. We are still not quite sure why they trusted us to take him home but we have kept him alive this far so we can't be doing too horribly, right?

Pretty much everything about George's birth and the next couple days after that was completely not what I had planned but we are just so happy he is here and doing so well after a pretty crazy first few days. 

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  1. Your birth story is really so touchy. You are a one strong mother.You and George have gone through alot. Being a mother I can feel what you have gone through in that hard time. So happy to know that George is doing great now :)