Friday, July 7, 2017

Weeks 34-37

Week 34. Baby is as big as Quokka, aka the cutest animal on the earth.

Week 35. Baby is as big as kids backpack. Celebrated my birthday this week! I am sure the baby loved all of the treats I ate all day...lets be honest, all week. It is super crazy that this is my last birthday without being a mom. Kind of freaking me out.

Week 36. Baby is as big as two plates of beignets. I love beignets so why have one plate when you can have two? This week was good. I got a little nervous after my doctors appointment because my belly measured the same as it had two weeks earlier and the baby's heart rate was slightly slower than it has been. The midwife assured me that the baby had probably just dropped (which is a good thing) and that means my belly didn't get any bigger and as the baby gets older their heart rate gets slower. Even though she told me it was all fine I was still slightly worried. I guess this is the beginning of being a mom. Constantly worrying.

Week 37. Baby is as big as a skunk. Great. Let's just say that this week has been hot and my ankles are proof of that. I would really really love it if no one else comments on my ankles again. Thanks. We celebrated the 4th of July this week which is one of my favorite holidays and the baby either loved or hated the fireworks. It was squirming and kicking the whole time. I am going to assume it loved them.

Also we are getting down to the end of this pregnancy! I am 38 weeks today and that means baby could really come any time now. I have been anticipating I will go past my due date basically the whole pregnancy so I am not really holding my breath for the baby coming super soon but it really could be anytime. We have a couple more things to finish at the house before it is really liveable so we are hoping we can get that stuff done before this baby comes. So just stay in until your due date baby and it will make me the happiest.

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  1. Good luck on your delivery and congratulations in advance. Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl? I mean you can never be sure, but still. Nice progress picture!