Friday, July 21, 2017

House Update.

First of all, Happy Due Date to me! I am working on my (hopefully) last pregnancy update and if everything goes how I want it to, by the time I publish that one I will have a baby! (But don't get your hopes up. I still anticipate the baby won't be born until late next week)

Remember how we are redoing our house?

I promised I was going to give updates and I really am but I have just gotten behind on pretty much everything and I dropped my computer the other day so it doesn't work and therefore blogging is a little difficult. But here we go.

We are almost done with everything at this point but most of these pictures are from a few weeks ago so that the end reveal will be more exciting. 

First things first, we worked on the bedrooms. We started with painting and then got new carpet installed. Not having red floors is so amazing!

 Besides the bedrooms, we also painted the rest of the house and put new floors in. Here are our lovely friends Lauren and Theron helping us build our cabinets. I can not say thank you enough to everyone who has helped us on this house. We really couldn't have done it on our own.

Finished cabinets filling up our living room.

So we clearly got new cabinets which means we got rid of all the other cabinets. One day we had a bunch of people over helping us and they just ripped the whole kitchen out. I was not quite prepared for that and it was a little overwhelming.  I think the pictures would show why it would be a little overwhelming. 

We had a lot of electrical work to do behind the walls so our kitchen looked like this for a really long time. 

Like 6 weeks. 

It was really frustrating for both of us to just be sitting around and not be able to do anything since we are clearly not electricians.  But soon enough we got all the electrical work done and we put the walls back up and we were onto installing cabinets!

There is a little update on how our house renovation is going. As I said, these pictures are a few weeks old and we are basically all done and moved in now. So keep your eyes peeled for another update post soon!

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