Saturday, July 22, 2017

38-40 Weeks.

Well here we are with the last pregnancy update....hopefully. And lets just say these pictures are definitely getting way less glamorous. Putting on makeup or actually doing my hair is just too much for me these days.

38 Weeks. Baby is as big as a ukelele. Which is perfect because we are going to Hawaii in September and I can not wait! I will probably write a little bit more about this later but we got in a car wreck this week which was a little scary and we had to go to the hospital to monitor the baby but everything looked good with the baby so that was a relief. 

39 weeks. Baby is as big as a small pumpkin or a house cat. That seems crazy to me. Not my favorite week because thinking about a cat inside me is a little weird. 

40 Weeks! Baby is as big as a red panda, a beach ball, or a watermelon. And I am definitely feeling like I am carrying around a watermelon. We made it to my due date!!! I was so so worried the baby would come early and our house wouldn't be done but the house is livable and clean and now the baby can come.

Also, just a word of advice. Do not redo a house while extremely pregnant. And please please please try to move into your house more than one day before your due date. It will save you a lot of stress. 


  1. For a long time I have confused peaches and apricot with each other. And then finally at the age of 22 I know which ones which ! Stupid isn't it.

  2. These pictures and the content was so amazing. I am so glad more and more people are confortable as to share their pregnancy pictures with everyone and be so amazing about it. You rock!