Friday, May 12, 2017

Weeks 25 - 28

I am a little behind on my updates since as of today I am actually 30 weeks. I guess I can blame it on the fact that we are trying to move tomorrow and our stuff is not even close to being packed. 

Send help!

Week 25. Baby is as big as a prairie dog.

Week 26. Baby is as big as a bowling pin. Before we go to bed at night I always try to make the baby move. It usually get more active as soon as I lay down in bed so it usually isn't a problem. Sometimes I try to talk to it while it is moving or to get it moving and it literally just ignores me. If I say something to it while it is kicking around it automatically stops moving. So it is a little bit of a stinker. One night I was talking to it and it obviously wasn't moving and then Spencer starts talking to it and asks it a question and it does the biggest kick it has probably ever done. He kept talking to it and it is moving all around like crazy. So I guess we know who the favorite parent is despite the fact that I am literally growing this child.

Week 27. Baby is as big as a bunch of bananas. I think this baby is trying to kill me using acid reflux. I spend most of my day trying to figure out when I can take my next tums.

Week 28. And thus concludes the second trimester which everyone says is the best trimester so I guess it is just all downhill from here? The highlight of week 28 is that this baby traveled all the way to London and there were absolutely no problems at all. I was really stressed that something would happen and I would end up being stuck in England for months but baby stayed put and all is well. 

Also, I really like the week 28 picture of myself (most of the time I hate the pictures) so if you wanted to give me a compliment on that I would not be mad.

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