Sunday, May 14, 2017

2 years!

I can't even believe that we have made it to our second anniversary. It sounds cliché but it really feels like we got married like last month but at the same time it feels like we have been married for way more than 2 years.
This year of marriage can be categorized as our year of travel. We went to Disney Land, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and China together and then Spencer went to Washington DC and I went to London. So while we did a lot of traveling we obviously also had some big changes. I finished grad school right around our 1st anniversary, started a new job, we got pregnant, and now we have bought a house. I guess we just really wanted to do everything all at once.
This year has been way better than our first year of marriage. Our first year of marriage was wonderful but it can take some adjusting to figure out how to be married and how to balance your needs and your spouse's needs. I feel like this year we really got into a groove of being married and it was all smooth sailing.
So our marriage has been so wonderful but the main reason it works is because of Spencer. He is seriously the most amazing and wonderful person I have ever known. I always knew he was the best but it has been manifested even more in this year of marriage and particularly these past 6 or 7 months. The beginning of this pregnancy was so stressful for me. I was completely overwhelmed and constantly worried about our little baby. It doesn't help that I had so many extra hormones but I definitely cried every day and had a full meltdown about every 3 days. Spencer was always so patient with me and so good at comforting me. I am sure it was the most annoying thing to have a sobbing wife but he handled it so amazingly. He has just continued to be so great and caring towards me this whole pregnancy and has been so good at taking care of me and dealing with my whining.
Now it isn't enough for his just to be good at supporting his pregnant wife but he was also so great through this whole house buying process. He took full control of each step of the way and figuring out what exactly we needed to do and who we needed to talk to. He would give me tasks to do (I think just to make me feel helpful) but really he was the ringleader and we definitely would not have our house if he wasn't so organized and on top of it.
These past two weeks since we closed on our house have been totally outrageous and yet he has been so calm and has been the hardest worker. Each day he comes home from work and heads directly over to the house to work until at least 11. Then he gets up the next day and does it all again. He never complains about how much work it is taking or how little work I do.
Spencer and our marriage are the greatest blessings that I could have ever imagined. I don't think I will ever be able to express how wonderful I think he is or how grateful I am that he is my husband.  But if our years of marriage keep being this good then I think we are in for a pretty good life....just with hopefully a little less chaos.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful marriage experience with us. I like the way you described your 2 years marriage journey. Yeah, time goes very fast and even it seems that you missed lots of things in between.