Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Weeks 17 - 20.

Week 17. Baby is as big as a pomegranate or a chipmunk.

I also felt the baby moving for the first time this week! I wasn't sure at first but I am pretty sure I have felt it move now. It even startled me one afternoon when I wasn't expecting it!

Week 18. Baby is as big as croissant or a sweet potato. My favorite things!

Week 19. Baby is as big as a hedgehog or a zucchini. Those do not seem to be the same size to me so who knows how they come up with these comparisons.

Week 20. Baby is as long as a banana or a paper airplane. And it is the size of an axolotl (look it up). Spencer thinks it is cute but I am not so sure...

These weeks have been some of the best of my pregnancy. I wasn’t too sick in the first trimester but I have just started feeling better and better every week. The only exception to that is sleep. At this point in pregnancy you are supposed to stop sleeping on your back because it can restrict blood flow so always sleeping on my side has been a little rough. But I just got a pregnancy pillow to help keep me on my side and it has been magic. Everyone should get a pregnancy pillow. Even Spencer is jealous. I have also been getting charley horses in the night. So lets just say the nights are not that great and I don't see them getting any better...

I have been feeling the baby move like crazy lately. It is constantly kicking and is especially active right after I eat. I have also been telling myself that it likes certain music. The other day I was listening to the radio and it was kicking non-stop during one song but as soon as that song ended it stopped kicking. So funny.

I feel like my belly is showing a little more now but it is definitely not totally obvious that I am pregnant. I have decided that first trimester bloat is a real serious thing because I kept thinking my belly was showing back then but really I was obviously just the most bloated person on the earth. Pregnancy is so glamorous.

As I said in my last post, we had out ultrasound last week and everything was perfect. We didn’t find out the gender but Spencer is pretty sure it is a girl and I have been going back and forth but right now I am leaning towards girl too. We found a website where we can create a pool and everyone can add their guesses so once we get a little closer to the due date we will open that up so we can see what everyone else thinks. Anyone have any early guesses?

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