Friday, March 24, 2017

Baby Names I Love but Won't be Using (part 2)

Back for round 2 of names I love but won’t be using. Originally it was 10 names I love but won’t be using but I could only think of 4 boy names. Girl names are infinitely easier for me to come up with so my list of girl names is like a mile long but I really only have like 8 or 9 boy names I like so I couldn’t give all of them away.
The first boy name is Frank. I seriously love the name Frank and think it is the cutest boy name. But Spencer strongly dislikes it. (I hesitate to say hate because if he meets a baby named any of these names he doesn’t think they have a horrible name he just doesn’t want it for our kids) That’s the story with most of my boy names. I love them but Spencer doesn’t. So Frank is out. Unless I can drug Spencer while I am filling out the birth certificate and get him to agree.
Harry is in the same boat as Frank for me. It is kind of an old man name, which I love but Spencer just isn’t into it. One time someone said to me “I think Frank, Harry, and [insert my favorite name that I am not revealing here] are like the ugliest names.” That person didn’t know that those were my favorite names but they got their point across. Old man names are not everyone’s cup of tea but I love them.  
Keeping with the old man name theme I love the name Hank. I don’t think I would name my child Hank but I would name him Henry and call him Hank. But if you know my family then you know exactly why I can’t use that name.  Henry is my brother’s name. My mom stole the name from me before I even knew I wanted it. So Henry is out. And we could name our son Hank instead of using it as a nickname but we call my brother Hank occasionally and I don’t want to steal his name. Plus there are plenty of names out there that I don’t need to be reusing one that is already in my family unless we are naming the baby after them on purpose.
I read this blog and I think she has the cutest kids with the cutest names. But my favorite of her kids’ names is Sebastian with the nickname Bash. I think Bash is just the best name for a little boy. But I am scared of nicknames. Well only scared of them if I don’t think they will carry over well to adulthood. I know multiple people who had a nickname when they were a little kid and the idea was that they would go by their full name when they got older but they never stopped going by their nickname. So while I think Bash is a super cute nickname I don’t really love the idea of him being called Bash as an adult and I think Sebastian has too strong of a crab reference for me (please tell me people know what I am referring to).
Again, just like the girls, we have 3 boy names that we are really liking but the odds are strongly in favor for one particular name. I have loved this one name for the longest time and luckily Spencer likes it. If you have ever talked to me about baby names then you will know what it is and I will probably share it here at some point but for now I like to keep an air of mystery on the internet haha.
I love talking about baby names so what are some of your favorites? Either ones you won’t use but love or ones that are just your favorites. Please tell me there is someone out there that shares my love for baby names and wants to chat with me!

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  1. I did read the part 1 of Baby Names I Love but Won't be Using. It was quite informational and good to read. Frank is my favorite name also.