Friday, March 24, 2017

Baby Names I Love but Won't be Using (part 2)

Back for round 2 of names I love but won’t be using. Originally it was 10 names I love but won’t be using but I could only think of 4 boy names. Girl names are infinitely easier for me to come up with so my list of girl names is like a mile long but I really only have like 8 or 9 boy names I like so I couldn’t give all of them away.
The first boy name is Frank. I seriously love the name Frank and think it is the cutest boy name. But Spencer strongly dislikes it. (I hesitate to say hate because if he meets a baby named any of these names he doesn’t think they have a horrible name he just doesn’t want it for our kids) That’s the story with most of my boy names. I love them but Spencer doesn’t. So Frank is out. Unless I can drug Spencer while I am filling out the birth certificate and get him to agree.
Harry is in the same boat as Frank for me. It is kind of an old man name, which I love but Spencer just isn’t into it. One time someone said to me “I think Frank, Harry, and [insert my favorite name that I am not revealing here] are like the ugliest names.” That person didn’t know that those were my favorite names but they got their point across. Old man names are not everyone’s cup of tea but I love them.  
Keeping with the old man name theme I love the name Hank. I don’t think I would name my child Hank but I would name him Henry and call him Hank. But if you know my family then you know exactly why I can’t use that name.  Henry is my brother’s name. My mom stole the name from me before I even knew I wanted it. So Henry is out. And we could name our son Hank instead of using it as a nickname but we call my brother Hank occasionally and I don’t want to steal his name. Plus there are plenty of names out there that I don’t need to be reusing one that is already in my family unless we are naming the baby after them on purpose.
I read this blog and I think she has the cutest kids with the cutest names. But my favorite of her kids’ names is Sebastian with the nickname Bash. I think Bash is just the best name for a little boy. But I am scared of nicknames. Well only scared of them if I don’t think they will carry over well to adulthood. I know multiple people who had a nickname when they were a little kid and the idea was that they would go by their full name when they got older but they never stopped going by their nickname. So while I think Bash is a super cute nickname I don’t really love the idea of him being called Bash as an adult and I think Sebastian has too strong of a crab reference for me (please tell me people know what I am referring to).
Again, just like the girls, we have 3 boy names that we are really liking but the odds are strongly in favor for one particular name. I have loved this one name for the longest time and luckily Spencer likes it. If you have ever talked to me about baby names then you will know what it is and I will probably share it here at some point but for now I like to keep an air of mystery on the internet haha.
I love talking about baby names so what are some of your favorites? Either ones you won’t use but love or ones that are just your favorites. Please tell me there is someone out there that shares my love for baby names and wants to chat with me!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Baby Names I Love but Won't be Using (part 1)

Ok, so I am obsessed with baby names. A few weeks ago I watched a million youtube videos with the tag “10 baby names I love but won’t be using”. I was watching the videos to see if there were any names that I hadn’t heard of but I also just wanted to hear what names people love. So once I watched all those videos I knew I needed to write a post about all the names I love but I won’t be using….well we definitely won’t be using them for this baby but maybe if we end up having like 10 kids we will need to dive into this list haha.

I have had my top favorites for at least the past 5 years just waiting to have a little baby to name. Luckily Spencer likes most of my favorite names but there are quite a few that he is just not down with. But I should say that just because Spencer doesn’t love a name doesn’t mean I automatically cross it off my list. I am too stubborn for that. If Spencer doesn’t like a name and it is on this post that means there is probably another reason I don’t want to use it or I like another name better so I have to save up all my convincing to get him to like that one haha.

Now on with the names, I am going to split this into two posts of my girls names and my boys names so that this doesn’t get out of hand. So we will start with the girls and I will post the boys in the next couple days.

I will start with one of my all-time favorite names ever. Olive.

I have been obsessed with the name Olive since I was like 14. One of my friend’s sisters named her baby Olive and I just thought it was the cutest name I had ever heard. I thought it was unique but still a real name. So for the last 10 years I have loved loved loved that name but recently I feel like it has become a little too trendy for my taste. I know of like 5 little girls named Olive so the uniqueness of the name was kind of lost. It was still on my short list but the nail in the coffin for Olive was that Spencer’s sister named her baby Oliver. I don’t want my kids to have basically the same name as their cousins so that means Olive was out. As I say that I know it might sound like I am mad at her for naming her baby that but I am not mad at all. Oliver is the perfect name for him and I don’t think we would have used Olive anyways so I am happy she used the name she wanted. But I still love the name Olive. So if you want your child to be my favorite child ever then name her Olive and I will love her forever!

I promise I won’t have that much to say about every name on my list.

My next girl name is a recent addition to my list. Plum. Every time I say I like the name Plum people make fun of me. They think it is so silly. Which is what I kind of like about it. I like the whimsy and playfulness of it. But I could never seriously give my child that name. When I think about a name I have to think about my child going to a job interview and introducing themselves with that name. I don’t think anyone would take someone named Plum seriously. I also worry that if she was chubby then plump Plum would be the obvious nickname and I don’t want to set my child up to be made fun of. Sorry Plum, I love you but I just can’t do it.

Ever since I read Hamlet in 12th grade the name Ophelia has been on my mind. I think the fact that I just connected the name to Hamlet shows exactly why I can’t use this name. I think Ophelia is the most beautiful name but I just can’t name my daughter a name that is most famously known as a woman who drown herself. I still haven’t completely crossed Ophelia off of my list because I feel like you can get around the reference but I have like 20 other girls names that I like better so unless I am incredibly fertile and only have girls then we will not be naming our daughter Ophelia.

Goldie Goldie Goldie. I cannot get over the name Goldie! It just makes me happy to think about the name Goldie. Can’t you just imagine naming a little baby girl Marigold and then calling her Goldie? Or even just naming her Goldie! It seriously just like gives me the goosebumps thinking about how much I love this name. Spencer just isn’t quite on board with Goldie yet so we won’t be using it. I also know quite a few little girls with this name and if you haven’t figured it out yet I am all about trying to be original with names.

My last girl name is Cricket. I think it goes along with Plum in that I can’t imagine my daughter going to a job interview and introducing herself as Cricket. Overall I just think it is a little too far out there for me to really consider but I really think it is so stinking cute.

To wrap it up, while I love all of these names we have 3 girls names that are really the leaders of the pack for us right now. If we have a girl there is a 99% chance we will name her one of these three. (Just a note, all of the names on this list are a little more “out there” than the names that are on our real list). Maybe later on in my pregnancy I will do a post about those names but we are really secretive about one which seems so silly because I think it is the one we are liking the least right now. But if you are really dying to know you can ask cause I am happy to share…as long as you are not pregnant with a girl that will be born before my possible daughter haha.

I will be back in a few days to share my favorite boy names that I won't be using. I know you are all on the edge of your seats waiting to see what they are.

Friday, March 17, 2017


Hey, remember that one time we went to China and I still haven’t gotten my life together enough to blog about it? I would blame it on the first trimester being rough but I never really felt too awful so that isn’t really an excuse. I guess I will just say that I have been lazy so now I am finally doing it.
Now the story of us going to China,
My parents and my mom’s siblings went on a cruise through China in the summer of 2015. They only got to be in Shanghai for a day and a half the first time they went to they knew they wanted to go back. My aunt and uncle wanted to go too and they found a really great deal on flights so they just decided to go. Now, Spencer has always wanted to go to China and we figured that this would be the perfect opportunity to go because we would be going with people who had been before and knew what they were doing. So we asked if we could tag along and luckily they were happy to have us along. We bought our tickets in June and since we were already going to Scandinavia in August we decided it would be fun to keep this trip to China a surprise. We knew we were kind of crazy to be going to 4 countries in less than two months but we were so excited!
We left early Halloween morning which is was actually kind of a relief. I always feel like Halloween has too much pressure so it was nice to not have to plan anything for the actual day of Halloween. We flew to Seattle and then straight onto Shanghai. We left Salt Lake Monday morning and then after like 20 hours of travel we got to Shanghai Tuesday night. Time zones are weird.

After we got settled at our Airbnb we had planned to go to dinner at Din Tai Fung. My uncle suggested it and we were really open to eating anywhere but little did we know that this would become our favorite restaurant ever. I cannot describe to you the wonderfulness that is soup dumplings if you have never had them before. They are literally the most delicious thing I have ever eaten. My mouth is watering just typing about them. Luckily there is a Din Tai Fung in LA so we will probably be making a trip there just for this food.
Next day we did…. Some touring and a food tour!

We started with the Yuyuan Gardens.

I really don't remember what the Yu Gardens are or anything about them but they were beautiful and it was crazy to have such elaborate gardens right in the middle of a huge city.

After that we did some shopping. Spencer's mom has been wanting a big mahjong set ever since my parents brought us one home from China. So we found a guy that was selling them and bargained him down to a decent price and bought it. After we bought it we realized it weighed at least 25 pounds and was really awkward to carry but we were stuck carrying it the whole day. We bought a back pack to carry it in but it still made most of the day miserable.

We ate at the most delicious little noddle shop on the side of the road. It was seriously the best meal we had the whole trip and I would fly all the way back to china just to each those $5 noodles again. 

Speaking of eating, that night we did a food tour that was so so cool. People are always saying they would be worried about eating in China but it seriously had some of the best food we have ever had. We definitely enjoyed eating in China more than we did in Scandinavia.

We started with these little pork buns that were so good. We went back a few days later because we liked these so much.

Then we ate bullfrog. Lets just say that I don't think I will be eating bullfrog again...

There are a lot of people from Turkey in China and these kebabs were so good.

More buns. At this point we were so so full but I still managed to eat some.

Chicken Katsu. We seriously at like 4 whole meals in the span of an hour so we didn't really get to savor the food by the end.

Dessert was some mango thing. It was pretty good but as I said we were so full.

Then the best day of the trip! Just kidding the whole trip was the best. But going to Shanghai Disney was so so cool! I haven’t been to any Disney park in like years and years and then this year I got to go to Disneyland and Shanghai Disney. Luckiest girl.

Shanghai Disney just opened this year so it was all brand new and super huge.  There are not a ton of rides because it is brand new but there is so much space so they are obviously going to expand in the future. We got there first thing in the morning and there is seriously just something about Disney that is magical. Like even though everything is in Chinese you can still tell that you are at a Disney park. Even just walking in is like an experience.

So we walked straight to the Pirates of the Caribbean. Which if you have been to Disneyland you might think we are crazy to go straight to Pirates but the Pirates in Shanghai is so so so amazing! I think you can watch videos of it on YouTube if you want because I can’t really describe how cool it is. They had these really cool huge screens that showed scenes and then it made it feel like your boat was on the ocean and then under the ocean. Too cool.
Then we walked through the castle which had a little snow white video thing in it which was so hilarious because it was all in Chinese. That was basically the theme of the day, everything is hilarious because it was all in Chinese. They have most of the standard rides that they have in the other Disney parks but then came the highlight of Shanghai Disney.
Tron is the best ride I have ever been on in my life. Really really cool. Look that one up on Youtube too. Or just go to Shanghai Disney. That’s really the best solution.
We had yummy Chinese lunch and figured out that the Cubs had won the World Series. Go Cubbies!

Spent the rest of the day just doing Disney things and got home that night so so tired. Never been that tired in my life. I may or may not have fallen asleep on the train ride home.
The next morning we woke up and were picked up by a driver and a tour guide. To go to a river town. AKA a town built on a river. In case you couldn’t figure that out.

Our tour guide Peggy was the best tour guide I have ever had in my life. She was so smart and told us so many amazing facts and was so honest and China and lots of things that have gone on there. It was really cool to hear all these things from a Chinese person.  We toured around the river town all day and had a yummy lunch at a tiny little local restaurant. So fun experiencing local things while traveling. Love it!

The rest of the days we did really good stuff but it kind of all blends together so I will just show you some pictures and then talk about it. That will hopefully keep this post from becoming a full blown novel which it is already on its way to becoming.

The building on the right is the second tallest building in the world. It was so crazy to go to the top.

View from the top. Also I think this shows just how gross Shanghai's air quality is.

All these people with umbrellas are people advertising their adult children for marriage. The one child policy has caused a lot of problems for people wanting to get married. These parents go out every weekend and show a bunch of information about their children in hopes that someone will match up with their child. It was kind of funny but really sad that people feel so desperate.

Everyone should go to Shanghai just to see the Bund at night. It is so cool! 

Shanghai was amazing. We are so grateful that we were able to go and hope to someday get back to see even more of China.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Weeks 17 - 20.

Week 17. Baby is as big as a pomegranate or a chipmunk.

I also felt the baby moving for the first time this week! I wasn't sure at first but I am pretty sure I have felt it move now. It even startled me one afternoon when I wasn't expecting it!

Week 18. Baby is as big as croissant or a sweet potato. My favorite things!

Week 19. Baby is as big as a hedgehog or a zucchini. Those do not seem to be the same size to me so who knows how they come up with these comparisons.

Week 20. Baby is as long as a banana or a paper airplane. And it is the size of an axolotl (look it up). Spencer thinks it is cute but I am not so sure...

These weeks have been some of the best of my pregnancy. I wasn’t too sick in the first trimester but I have just started feeling better and better every week. The only exception to that is sleep. At this point in pregnancy you are supposed to stop sleeping on your back because it can restrict blood flow so always sleeping on my side has been a little rough. But I just got a pregnancy pillow to help keep me on my side and it has been magic. Everyone should get a pregnancy pillow. Even Spencer is jealous. I have also been getting charley horses in the night. So lets just say the nights are not that great and I don't see them getting any better...

I have been feeling the baby move like crazy lately. It is constantly kicking and is especially active right after I eat. I have also been telling myself that it likes certain music. The other day I was listening to the radio and it was kicking non-stop during one song but as soon as that song ended it stopped kicking. So funny.

I feel like my belly is showing a little more now but it is definitely not totally obvious that I am pregnant. I have decided that first trimester bloat is a real serious thing because I kept thinking my belly was showing back then but really I was obviously just the most bloated person on the earth. Pregnancy is so glamorous.

As I said in my last post, we had out ultrasound last week and everything was perfect. We didn’t find out the gender but Spencer is pretty sure it is a girl and I have been going back and forth but right now I am leaning towards girl too. We found a website where we can create a pool and everyone can add their guesses so once we get a little closer to the due date we will open that up so we can see what everyone else thinks. Anyone have any early guesses?

Friday, March 3, 2017


Is that not the cutest little foot you have ever seen??

We had our big 20 week ultrasound this week and to say I was freaking out about it would be the understatement of the century. Every night for the past week I would tell Spencer all the things that could go wrong. Like what if our baby only has one leg or its heart doesn’t work right or some other horrible thing. The internet can be super helpful but it has been pretty damaging to my peace of mind when I am constantly reading about all the things that can go wrong during pregnancy. I seriously haven’t gone to an appointment yet and not been worried about hearing the little heartbeat. Basically what I am trying to say is that I was a total stress case before we went to the ultrasound. 

I wish I could say that as soon as I saw our little baby on the screen I felt better but I definitely didn’t. Until the tech had checked off everything on her list I was still nervous. But the baby looked great and there was really no reason for me to be so stressed (which is exactly what Spencer has been telling me).

We had the best ultrasound tech ever! I cannot stop raving about how wonderful she was. First of all, she asked if we wanted to know the gender first thing. We had both totally spaced on telling her that we didn’t want to know so I was super grateful that she asked. She made sure to avoid gender shot the whole time and had us close our eyes when she had to check it so we definitely didn’t find out. Besides being super cautious about the gender she was so kind and explained to us exactly what she was looking at during each part of the ultrasound. It made us feel so reassured that she was being so informative and not just checking things off of her list. I have recently heard some horror stories of techs not being very kind and I was so grateful that we had such an amazing one. 

Our ultrasound took a pretty long time because we apparently have the most active baby on the planet. The little one was wriggling around the whole time and it made it hard to get some of the shots. It was crazy how squirmy it was. I have been feeling it kick so I thought I knew it was pretty active but I had no idea just how much it was actually moving. The doctors have told us it was squirming every time they have listened to the heartbeat but to actually see it was so crazy. We are just hoping the baby mellows out a little by the time it is born.

The baby is also a little bit of a stinker because it was moving the whole time but it would never move its hands away from its face. It is already camera shy even in the womb. The above picture is the best one we could get of its little face and even that is a little creepy. Spencer says it looks like me based on its bone structure but I think he is just full of it. I guess we will just have to wait to meet them to see who it looks like. July cannot come soon enough!