Monday, February 6, 2017

Weeks 13 - 16

Told you I wasn't going to be doing a weekly update but at least I took a picture every week this time.

Baby is as big as a peach!

Baby is as big as a lemon!

Baby is as a big as an 8 pack of crayons.

Baby is as big as dill pickle.

So here we are 16 weeks into this pregnancy. For some reason it makes me feel like it is going kind of fast because in a month I will be halfway done! That’s so crazy to me...although I have a feeling the second half will go even slower than the first which has gone incredibly slow!

Onto the updates from the past month-ish. I have continued to feel pretty good and I have even been less tired. Because I have had a little more energy I have tried to do more exercising than the none I did in the first trimester. But I have not been very successful so if someone wants to help me stay accountable that would be great! Speaking of exercise… I feel like I am just looking chubby and not really like I am pregnant which is an awful feeling especially now that some of my pants are getting too tight. If you see me wearing leggings every day for the next little while just accept it because real pants feel like some form of torture. 

We went to the doctor this past week and the baby had a good little heartbeat. She found the heartbeat super quick this time which was so relieving since it took her a little while to find it at the last appointment because the baby was so little. It was good reassurance that they baby is growing and getting stronger. It was also so cute because there were little blips in the heartbeat and she said that was because the baby was moving around so the Doppler was catching the baby’s little movements! I feel like only a mother would think that was cute but I think it is like the cutest thing ever! Of course once I left the appointment I started crying because I was so happy that the baby was moving around but that is nothing new because I cry at least twice a day. Hormones are real! I haven’t felt the baby move yet but the doctor said that would be coming soon. 

We scheduled our big ultrasound for our next appointment! We could have done it at 18 weeks but since we aren’t finding out the gender we weren’t in a huge rush and decided to wait until 20 weeks. It will be a good halfway treat!

We have started to kind of figure out baby gear and what we want to get….well if I am being honest we have been figuring out what we wanted from before I was even pregnant. We bought our stroller on black Friday because it was such a good deal we couldn’t resist. I think I know what car seat we want but I am not completely decided if anyone has any suggestions. I also started working on my registry if anyone knows of any must have baby items. 

I have about 30 names I love and Spencer agrees with like 5 of them so I think that is a pretty good start. It’s definitely hard to talk about names when you don’t know the gender but it makes it more fun because we get to talk about double the names and baby names are my favorite topic! Neither of us have really strong feelings about the gender. One day I am sure it is a boy and the next I am sure it is a girl. Once we get a little further into the pregnancy I think I will do a post about what all the old wives tales say it will be. 

That’s pretty much everything about the last month. I really have no idea what to write in these updates, hopefully I will get the hang of it in the next 5 months.

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  1. I love that you're not finding out the gender! It will be just that much more exciting when delivery day comes!

    You may or may not remember this, but when we were in Hawaii there was one day when I think we spent like a full 2 hours talking about baby names while just sitting on the couch/floor. I think of that conversation and all the cute names you like all the time!