Friday, February 17, 2017

Life update

First of all, I really don’t mean this blog to become all about Baby Whitmore. I am just like a little obsessed with the baby but I am forcing myself to talk about something else. Myself…and Spencer but mostly about me.

So I am just working like a little worker bee. I got a job at Salt Lake Community College in the Center for Health and Counseling in September. I am the Tobacco Prevention Coordinator. I am working for a grant from the Truth Initiative and the purpose of the grant is to explore SLCC becoming a smoke-free college. So I spend a lot of time looking at cigarette and tobacco data and surveying people about their tobacco use and their thoughts about tobacco. So if you are a SLCC student and you want to take a survey, let me know! I am in desperate need of getting more people to take my survey. I also think I will maybe try to bring back my Wear to Work series? But I can’t fully commit because my wardrobe is severely limited right now thanks to my growing stomach.

My job at SLCC is only part time so I have been babysitting and doing some other random jobs as well. So if you ever need some help with something in the afternoons I am usually free and always looking for money haha. Or if you want to be my friend I will probably just help you/hang out with you for free.

Spencer is still working for U of U healthcare and as far as I know he still likes his job. He has been a busy little bee and seems to have a lot of stuff going on at work. So that is fun for him. He is also a scout leader at church and he sometimes likes it haha.

Hmmm, what else is happening in our lives. Spencer signed up for a triathlon in May so he is starting on training for that. It isn’t an ironman which is good because I don’t have the energy for another full ironman right now. That also means we will get to go to St. George in May and that should be fun. Speaking of travel, Spencer is going to Washington DC in March to visit his brother and I am so jelly. I love Washington DC but we decided that it was more budget friendly for just him to go since I have been to DC before. Plus, I am going to London with my mom at the end of April so I think we are about even. I am so so excited to go to London! I haven’t been there since my study abroad and there is so much food that I want to eat!!! And I need to see Ivy since I don’t think I have seen her since my wedding. AAAAHHHH!!! It is going to be the best time ever and I can’t even wait. Hopefully Baby Whitmore likes plane rides and yummy food! We have to live it up now because we know that we won’t be traveling nearly as much once the baby comes.

We spend basically all of our time fantasizing about buying a house. We aren’t quite ready financially to buy a house yet but it still our main priority. If anyone knows of any really awesome houses with a really awesome price tag we will hopefully be looking pretty soon. The only problem is that I can’t stop spending money on baby things but we can just live in a pile of baby clothes instead of having a house, right?

Basically we are just trying to YOLO our life right now because we know that come July life is going to be completely different. So if you ever want to do any fun activity invite us! We are up for pretty much anything….as long as it is safe for me and baby to do. And even if it isn’t safe for me to do Spencer will probably do it.

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  1. You're seriously going to be the coolest mom in the world. Please bring back your Wear to Work series, especially because that's a way we can all track your baby bump and your cute clothes! I officially signed up to take the GRE on March 17 at the U, so expect a call from me sometime that week for help and directions on where to park/how to get to the correct building, etc. Come March 18, I want to hang out with you SO MUCH!!! I am so mad that you're going to London without me, especially because we were only sort of friends last time we went, so we need another try as friends.