Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Baby Whitmore!

We are having a baby!!! Although hopefully you saw my instagram post and already know that.
Now let me tell you about this little stinker of a baby (that we are obsessed with!) that had us way too stressed out for way too long. Also, this may be a little TMI and way too long so just know you have been warned.

So we decided we were ready to have a baby towards the end of summer and after not getting pregnant for a few months I missed my period! We were so excited for like two days but then I just kept getting negative pregnancy tests.

So about three weeks after I missed my period I went to the doctor to get a blood test and I had to wait a whole weekend to get the results and it came back as a big old negative. So we went to China and I accepted I wasn’t pregnant and we had a great trip. I ate everything I wanted and went on all the rides at Disneyland but my period never came. When we got home I decided to take one more test and if it was still negative then I would call my doctor again and figure out what was going on.

 I had planned to take the test in the morning cause I knew that is the best time to take it but I woke up at 3 AM and had to pee so I just decided to take it then. I went into the bathroom did the test really quick and was just waiting to see another negative test. But it was POSITIVE!!!!

 I probably stared at it for a solid 5 minutes. I could not believe it. I went back to bed and laid there so excited and then Spencer randomly got up. I thought he was going to go into the bathroom and he would inevitably have seen the test sitting on the counter but instead he went out to lay on the couch because he couldn’t sleep. So I finally snuck out and told him about the test because I couldn’t wait one more minute! I think we slept about 5 minutes the rest of the night because we were so excited!

The next morning I scheduled an appointment with my midwife ASAP. We went to the appointment and were so excited! At this point we assumed I was about 10 weeks along. The midwife did a physical exam and estimated I was less than 10 weeks along and wanted me to get an ultrasound to see how far along I actually was. She also tried to hear the heartbeat with the Doppler but we heard nothing so that was a little concerning.

The next day we went to the ultrasound and could barely stand it. We were going to get to see our baby!!! We sat in the dark ultrasound room and waited to see something on the screen and all we saw was a little sac in my uterus. No baby and definitely no heartbeat. Which meant that I was either only 5 weeks along or I had a missed miscarriage. But I quickly put the idea of a missed miscarriage out of my mind because if I had miscarried more than a month before then I wouldn’t have ever gotten those positive pregnancy tests. So we just hoped I was 5 weeks along and we had to wait another two weeks to go back and get another ultrasound to make sure everything was growing on schedule.

A few days later my midwife called to follow up about the ultrasound results and said that if I was feeling stressed about waiting a whole two weeks to know if I was actually having a successful pregnancy she could have me take a blood test that afternoon and then take another sample a couple days later and see if my hormone level was increasing. So I hurried up to the office to get my blood drawn and then had to wait the weekend to get it drawn again on Monday. Then I spent all of Monday waiting waiting waiting. My midwife didn’t call with the results until the next day and it was one of the longest days of my life! When she finally did call, she told me my numbers looked great and they had more than doubled in the past few days and it looked like everything was going well. That was the biggest sense of relief I have ever had. I finally had something to hold onto to show me that this pregnancy was really real.

We were pretty relieved that my blood work looked good but still had to wait another 10 days before we could go back to get another ultrasound. I don’t think time has ever moved so slowly in my whole life. The day finally came to get the ultrasound and I had myself totally freaked out that we weren’t going to see anything and that something was wrong. So we sat in the dark room again and as soon as the ultrasound picture was on the screen we knew it was good news. In the previous ultrasound we couldn’t see anything but this time we could see the sac and a little something inside of it! So we got to see this little picture of our tiny baby and got to see its little heartbeat. After that ultrasound we have been not so patiently waiting until we could tell everyone!

Isn't that the cutest little baby you have ever seen? Just kidding. Even I don't think it is that cute and I am its mother. 

So there you have it.  A super long post with way more details than were necessary but we are just so excited I couldn't help but share! And we can not wait for our baby to get here July 21st...or one of the surrounding days.


  1. Oh my gosh I hope your baby is born on pioneer day! One of my friend's birthdays was on pioneer day growing up and I was always jealous because I thought it was super cool! Thank you for sharing your whole experience and congratulations again!!

    1. It's my sister's birthday and she said no way!