Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Photoshoot (round 2)

As I said in this post, I am just so obsessed with this little boy I just can't help but take pictures of him!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


I think one of the biggest blessings in my life is that my grandparents have a house on Maui and that they are so generous to let us go there. We love going to Maui and we were so excited to take George with us....well we were nervous about the flight but generally excited. 

(The solly wrap is a MUST for traveling. It made getting through security and figuring out where to go so easy)

We got so lucky on the flight there and we got the bulkhead row so we could stand up with George and not have to bother people by walking up and down the aisle. He did so good on the flight and slept 4 of the 6 hours. And then it was time to party....and by party I mean relax.

Our first full day there we went on our favorite little hike. It is more like a nature walk but it has a couple waterfalls and we love it.

That night we went to the beach and took the best picture of the whole trip.

King of the Babies!!!

His little face just kills me!

He is just too cute for words.

The next few days we just relaxed and ate all the best food, hung out by the pool, and enjoyed the sun.

(We took almost this exact same picture on our honeymoon so it was fun to recreate it)

We took George to the beach and he lived the best beach life. 

Seriously this kid has got it made. 

Our friends Jeff and Lindsey came to hang out with us for the second half of our trip and having them with us made it so much more fun.  New motto, always travel with friends. 

We went snorkeling one morning and George was really mad he didn't get to go...well actually he was mad we made him wear his hat but he was really happy watching General Conference the next morning.

We had the best time and we are so lucky that we get to go to Maui so often. We can't wait to go back but maybe next time we will leave George at home cause he definitely makes trips more work and less relaxing. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Basically I am just so obsessed with George that I make him do photoshoots all the time. I just think he is the cutest thing and I can't get enough of him!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

2 Months.

George at 2 months.

(He is doing like the exact same post he did in his 1 month pictures and you can see he is really chunking up quite nicely)

- Is still obsessed with his changing table. He has been sick this week and yet the second he gets on that changing table he is so happy. 

- Is such a sweet boy. He has had a cold this week and he still wakes up smiling and is in such a good mood despite being so congested. 

- Is SO good at smiling. He has even given us a few little laughs and they just melt me.

- Is getting some cute little rolls and I am obsessed with them.

- Is probably about 10.5 pounds but we will know for sure when we go in for his 2 month appointment.

- Has done a couple nights with a 7 hour chunk of sleep but mostly he does two 4 hour chunks and I am a-ok with that. 

- Only likes to be held facing out so he can see what is going on. I have a feeling he will be a pretty social little guy

He was just laying on the couch while we were watching tv and all the sudden he just rolled over. He hasn't done it since but I am not ok with this. He is too little to be rolling over!

Just wanted to show that he is actually sick and I caught him mid sneeze. Babies should not get sick!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

1 Month.

George at 1 month

- Loves to lay on his changing table. Seriously he can be screaming and if you put him on his changing table he instantly calms down.

- Is a pretty champion sleeper at night. He has slept a good 5 hour chunk the past week and this mom is loving it.

- Wishes he could eat all day every day.

- Loves to be outside. 

- Likes to be held all the time. Especially by Spencer. 

- Is not the best napper during the day. I am pretty sure he has FOMO so he doesn't want to miss anything while he is sleeping

- Is starting to find his little voice.

- Has at least 3 outfit changes a day. He is really great pooping out of his diaper.

- Is the cutest baby we have ever seen. And I really can't believe it has been a month. I don't really remember what we even did with all our time before he was born but we are so happy to be spending all our time taking care of him now. He is just the best!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

4 weeks of George.

George has officially been alive outside of my body for exactly 4 weeks (I even published this post right at 9:15 when he was born).

We think he is just the best and cutest baby we have ever seen. So I figure you would want to see a long stream of pictures of him. 

He always starts out really mad in his car seat but he usually falls asleep pretty quickly.

4 weeks of being parents has been pretty crazy. Definitely a lot harder than I expected. I had babysat newborns before but when you are watching them around the clock it is a whole different story. Like on one Friday night after George was asleep I was getting excited because tomorrow was Saturday and that meant we got to sleep in and then I had the sad realization that I will basically never sleep in again. 

I also realized that I haven't slept through the night in at least 4 weeks and the fact that I am still alive despite my lack of sleep is really impressive. 

But things are definitely getting better. I think the first week of being home with a newborn is probably one of the most shocking weeks of anyone's life. Your whole world is thrown upside down, you don't sleep, and (at least for me) you have so many dang emotions. So the first two weeks were pretty rough but the last two have been much better. We are finally getting kind of a handle on this whole having a baby thing....although I doubt we will ever have a real grasp on it.