Tuesday, November 1, 2016


And the last of the Spandinavia posts has arrived. Which makes me kind of sad. I guess we will just have to go on another trip....well... if you follow me on instagram then you may or may not know that we are on a trip right now! Surprise!

Our first stop in Stockholm was the temple. We were so excited to get to go to another temple for the Spanna Temple Challenge. Sadly we weren't able to go in because we didn't bring any nicer clothes. But the outside was so beautiful that we didn't mind too much.

Then we headed back to the center of Stockholm to go to Skansen. AKA my dream life. It is a zoo and a historical town all in one. 

I could not handle the fact that they had a guinea pig exhibit. So funny!

I know I said Skansen was my dream life but thats not quite true. We went to the ABBA museum afterwards and it is really my dream life. I can not tell you how fun it was.

And sadly I only took one picture.

It was seriously top ten best things I have ever done in my life. Everyone has to go to Stockholm purely just to go to the ABBA museum. 

The next day we toured the old town and did a boat tour. And I am just going to do a photo dump because my words won't really do it justice.

We had an awesome trip and I am so sad it is over. We had been looking forward to it for almost a whole year so it is kind of disappointing to have it all over but it made us way more excited to go on more trips in the future. 

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