Monday, October 3, 2016

Oslo (day 2)

I was orginally going to try not to make a blog post about every single day of the trip but when we did so much each day it is really hard to not make a post about every day. So sorry to anyone who isn't remotely interested in this. I will not be offended if you don't read. 

On our second full day in Oslo we traveled outside of Oslo to go to the Heddal Stave Church. It was kind of a hassle to get to but so beautiful. 

I wish I knew any details about who or when it was built but I can't remember anything so I will just show you some more pictures.

After the church we went back to Oslo for a few hours before we caught the overnight train to Stavanger. So we decided to explore Aker Brygge Fortress. Not totally sure if that is what it was called but I am just going to call it that. It was a really cool old fortress that I again know nothing about. You can tell I really learned a lot of history on this trip.

There were all these weird statues around. Not quite sure about them but they were pretty entertaining.

I didn't feel very good this day and was pretty grumpy at this point so Spencer was trying to cheer me up by posing with these statues. It was pretty funny and it was especially funny because there were about 75 Asians that were all doing funny poses as well. He fit right in.

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