Monday, October 10, 2016


Maybe one day I will finish recapping our trip by for now, there are no words for Bergen. It is the cutest place I have ever been.

We took a bus from Stavanger to Bergen and it was just dreamy...or so I thought and then we actually got to Bergen and I realized that every other place I have been in my life will not live up to Bergen.

Literally the only problem with Bergen is that we stayed at the very top of the biggest hill ever. Basically a mountain. 

So every time we left our airbnb we had to have everything we needed for the whole day because there was no way I was walking back up that hill if we were planning on walking back down. And believe me, Spencer thought it was a steep hill too. I am not just being my usually extremely lazy self.

We spent our first day there exploring the city. Everything was so charming. I can't even describe it.

The next day we took a funicular up the mountain. Funiculars are always a good idea.

Also, trolls are always a good idea. 

As a conclusion, go to Bergen. Its the best. 


  1. seriously though!!! how cute is this place?! definitely adding this to list of places i need to go in my life. what a unique little cottage town!

  2. Just from this post I want to live there now. Or maybe just have a vacation home there because I like the USA, but still, it looks so amazing!