Saturday, September 24, 2016

Wear to Work (vol 1)

So this is definitely not a fashion blog but lately I have been loving Studio DIY's wear to work series. She always wears the cutest clothes and I really like seeing how she styles her clothes. So since I am working now, I figured I would start my own series. My outfits are definitely not going to be as cute or as creative as her's but I have really enjoyed putting together "business casual" outfits this past two weeks. 

So here we go.

Not gonna lie, this week was rougher than my first week of work because we were babysitting for a family while the parents were out of town so getting ready and trying to get 4 kids ready was not super easy.  I will hopefully look more put together next week. Also, I obviously wore shoes to work but my work shoes hurt my feet so I always leave them in the car and just wear other shoes into the house haha.

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