Monday, September 19, 2016


So after our little detour in Boston we headed for Reykjavik. We got there at about 11:30pm and had to wait like 30 minutes for our car rental place to pick us up to take us to their office. We were so tired and so stressed about if the company was going to pick us up and what to do if they didn't come since we had no phone service. It wasn't our finest hour. Finally they picked us up, we got our car, and we were on our way. 

Since it was so late and we were driving in the dark we had no idea what anything looked like and waking up the next morning was such a dream. But first let me tell you about the most amazing thing they do in Europe. When we first got to our airbnb we thought it was a little odd that instead of a queen size duvet on the bed there were two twin duvets. But once we slept that first night with two blankets instead of one we were sold and I currently shopping around to buy two twin size duvets. A few more of our airbnbs did the same thing and it is seriously the best ever! You might think it wouldn't be that big of a deal but for some reason it is so heavenly. 

Back to Reykjavik. 

Our first stop was Hallgr√≠mskirkja. Try saying that five times fast. 

It is the most amazing church right in the middle of Reykjavik and from the top you can see the whole city with the most amazing views.

We spent some time exploring the rest of downtown Reykjavik before we headed to church.

It is seriously just like the cutest place ever.

So before we left we found out there was an LDS branch just outside of Reykjavik and since we would be there on a Sunday we thought it would be fun to attend. Most of the people speak English in Iceland so we weren't really worried about not being able to understand or anything. But obviously all of the talks were given in Icelandic. And we were kind of dumb and decided not to grab translators before we went into the meeting. So let's just say we didn't get a ton out of church but it was still really cool to be able to experience church somewhere else. And I can now say that I have been to church in 4 different countries. Not bad.

Our last stop of the day was the Blue Lagoon. If you ever look up things to do in Iceland this will undoubtedly be at the top of the list. It is super famous and for good reason. 

This picture doesn't really do it justice and if you are wanting to get the full effect you should just look it up. We only had our phones for a few minutes and then put them away so they wouldn't get wet and so we could really enjoy it. We did get one selfie and that's all that matters, right?

On our way back to our airbnb we saw a little white church off the in distance and I knew I needed to see if up close so we took a little detour and it was well worth it. 

(If I was better at photoshop I would get rid of those dang powerlines. So if someone wants to help me out with that I would love you forever!)

There is really no way to tell you how beautiful Iceland is and even my pictures don't do a good job. I wish we could have spent a week here. And if you thought these pictures were great just wait until the next post because there really is nothing like the Icelandic countryside.

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