Thursday, September 29, 2016


We spent our second day in Oslo going to just about every museum in the city. We wanted to hit the ground running and we definitely did.

We started at the Norse Folk Museum. It is an outdoor museum that was made up of old Norweigen buildings. Most of them were wooden buildings and I can not even imagine how cold it would be in Norway in the winter...especially in a wooden house. 

This was my favorite little white house. I have a soft spor for white houses and when they are tiny Norweigen houses I just can't help myself.

The next stop was the Viking Ship museum.

The boats were huge! And I can not even understand how they could have built them so long ago. Or how they lasted so long. The best part about this museum is that Spencer tried to take a video with the Gopro and the security guard walked up to him and said "no selfie sticks here." I don't know why I thought it was so funny but it was all I could take to not bust out laughing until the guard walked away. 

After the Viking Ship museum we went to the Norweigen Holocaust museum. 

Holocaust museums are always tough but always worth going to. It was depressing and sobering but really interesting to learn about the Holocaust from a different perspective.  

Then our fourth museum of the day was the Nobel Peace Prize museum (told you we went to a lot of museums) but first we had to have lunch. And sticking to our true selves we found food trucks.

I had a delicious meatball sandwich and Spencer had some kind of burrito. For some reason I thought it was funny that they had Mexican food in Norway, Mexico just seems so far away from Norway. 

You can see the Nobel Peace Prize museum behind the food trucks. They had some really cool exhibits and I realized I know basically nothing about the Nobel Peace Prize. Even after going to the museum I still don't know that much about it.  Like I am not quite sure if the prize is from Norway or Sweden. For some reason they have museums in both countries. Odd. Maybe it is time to do some more research. 

Then we hurried off the the Munch museum which was slighly disappointing. I was hoping "the scream" would be there but it wasn't (we saw it in Sweden so we survived) and it only had one exhibit so it was not the highlight of our day. But they did have this cool picture frame outside so I guess that made it all worth it.

Then we went right back to our Airbnb and we went right to sleep. Because 5 museums is way way too many for one day. 

Oslo Day 1. Check.

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