Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer of Fun

Spencer and I decided that this summer is going to be the "summer of fun" We felt like last summer was just so crazy and busy that we wanted to make sure this summer was extra amazing. Therefore, we made a bucket list.

- Have a BBQ
- Hike Mt. Olympus
- Go to Bridal Veil Falls
- Go to Timpanogas Cave
- Have a picnic
- Go to Antelope Island
- Go to a Bee's game
- Go to a Twilight Concert Series
- Go to Lagoon
- Lots of swimming
- Go Laser Tagging
- Visit Red Butte Garden
- Go to the Days of 47 Parade
- Go to a Drive in movie
- Go on the Alpine Slide
- Go to the Farmer's Market
- Play lots of tennis
- Take a picture every day
- Go on a hike or to the mountains every week

Hopefully we can accomplish most of them. If anyone has anything else they think we should add to our list we are totally open to suggestions. 

We are super excited about summer of fun and even more excited about Spandanavia. And lets just say that Fall of fun is not going to be too bad either, we have a few surprised in store come fall. 

1 comment:

  1. I love this and you and summer. If you don't mind a third wheel, I would totally be up for joining you on any and all of these things. Except maybe the hiking ones because lazy.