Friday, February 19, 2016


I am pretty sure I have written this exact same post before but I can't help myself. All the time lately I have heard people saying to "be grateful for your season". And it has made me think a little.


I might be guilty of always looking forward to the next stage of life. I can particularly remember this when Spencer and I were dating. I was constantly looking forward to the next phase of our relationship and I don't think I was fully enjoying the moment we were in.

I am realizing myself doing that right now too. I CAN NOT wait to be done with school! But at the same time, I think I will miss it when I am done. I went to a really cool presentation yesterday and I realized that if I wasn't in school I wouldn't be getting to go to cool stuff like that. I like having a pretty flexible schedule and being able to do different things every day.

I also find myself anxiously waiting until we own our own home. I want to be able to have a house that has all of the things that I want and like. But I need to be more grateful for the fact that we are renting right now and have fairly little responsibility about where we live.

I want to be happier about where I am and what I am doing with my life. So each day I am going to work on enjoying my season and realizing that this time will pass and I will probably wish I enjoyed it more. 

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