Friday, February 19, 2016


I am pretty sure I have written this exact same post before but I can't help myself. All the time lately I have heard people saying to "be grateful for your season". And it has made me think a little.


I might be guilty of always looking forward to the next stage of life. I can particularly remember this when Spencer and I were dating. I was constantly looking forward to the next phase of our relationship and I don't think I was fully enjoying the moment we were in.

I am realizing myself doing that right now too. I CAN NOT wait to be done with school! But at the same time, I think I will miss it when I am done. I went to a really cool presentation yesterday and I realized that if I wasn't in school I wouldn't be getting to go to cool stuff like that. I like having a pretty flexible schedule and being able to do different things every day.

I also find myself anxiously waiting until we own our own home. I want to be able to have a house that has all of the things that I want and like. But I need to be more grateful for the fact that we are renting right now and have fairly little responsibility about where we live.

I want to be happier about where I am and what I am doing with my life. So each day I am going to work on enjoying my season and realizing that this time will pass and I will probably wish I enjoyed it more. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


First of all, this inversion has been killing me. Like constant burning itchy eyes and sniffling all the time. So seeing these blue skies in Moab was like the best thing that has ever happened to me. I didn't realize how badly the air was effecting me until I got out of it. So just ignore the muddy water in this picture and focus on the blue skies. 

First off, we went into Arches National Park and hiked to Delicate Arch. I was unpleasantly surprised to discover that there was snow on parts of the trail. For most people that would have been fine but for me with my non-hiking shoes it was a problem. My shoes had zero traction which means I slipped on the snow at least 7 times on this pretty short hike. I looked like the clumsiest person ever.  Let's just say that I am really glad that I will probably never see any of those people hiking ever again. 

Its also embarrassing to mention this in the blog post because I clearly didn't take any pictures of the snow on the trail since I was too busy falling over so there is no evidence that I am not just a spaz.

At least we got a really cute picture. 

After Delicate Arch we went to hike the Devil's Garden trail. We got a little ways down the trail and it was just totally slushy and muddy. We (read me) were unprepared and didn't want to deal with any more slipping and wet feet so we turned around. We had both done this hike before so we weren't too disappointed. 

We rounded out the day by walking around Balance Rock. Maybe this picture will prove that there actually was snow and I am not just a struggler. 

We ate dinner at this little restaurant named Miguel's and if you are ever in Moab you have to eat there. It will make you so so happy and so so full.  

Probably the highlight of the trip for me was completing the #Spannatemplechallenge. We made a goal to go to every temple in Utah and we finally completed it!  Since Monticello is only like 45 minutes from Moab we knew we couldn't miss out on this chance. 

When we started the challenge there were 14 temples in Utah and through the year and a half it took us to complete it there were two more temples in Utah. I will post a little recap with all of our pictures from every temple.

We spent the afternoon doing a few more little hikes/walks to more arches. The arches are seriously so amazing. Also if you look really closely at the next picture you can see some people rock climbing. (they are on the top of the pillar thing)


On our way back home on Monday we decided to stop at Dead Horse Point, an amazing overlook of the Colorado River. Spencer was really committed to getting some great video.

To wrap up this slightly rambling blog post, you know I love self timer pictures so here are some lovely self timer photos.  (please ignore the fact that the pictures are totally slanted. Self timer photographers are just not that talented) 

Also, I am going to cheat and count this pictures as part of my 52 week photo challenge (that I obviously fell way behind on). Two of the weeks were nature and outtakes.

So there you have it. 

Friday, February 12, 2016


We are off to Moab this weekend but I am so excited to tell you what we are saving for during frugal february!!

We are going to Europe! More specifically Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

We booked our flights this week so now we feel like we can actually tell everyone. We are going in late August and that seems like an eternity away! We have been thinking and planning this trip for a while now and we are so excited that everything is finally coming together.

We are starting by flying to Reykjavik, Iceland. Where we will go the Blue Lagoon and explore Iceland. I always thought it was weird that people would want to go to Iceland but as I have done more research I think this may be the part of our trip that I am most excited about!


Then we are hopping right on over to Norway. We will spend most of our time in Norway but we will be travelling all over. We are planning on going to Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, and Flam. This is definitely the part of the trip that is most overwhelming for me because that is A LOT of travel! And trying to plan out how to get everywhere is a little complicated. But with views like this, I will do whatever it takes!


After covering Norway we decided to tack Sweden onto the end of our trip. We are only going to spend a couple days there but we figured we probably wouldn't go back to this part of the world so we might as well hit another country! And we can't resist a chance to add another temple to the #spannatemplechallenge


We have lots of ideas about where we want to go and what to see but if anyone has been to any of these places we would love some advice. Aaaaaaahhhhh! I just have to scream because I am so excited! I will gladly not buy any clothes for the rest of the year just so I can go on this trip.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Lately I have been feeling pretty crafty but sadly school and work have been taking up all my time so I have to be creative in my attempts to make stuff. So when I saw this on pintrest I knew I had to make it. We are going to be out of town for Valentines day so I made it for our Super Bowl party.

This was pretty much the easiest pie there ever was. As I said I didn't have much time so I used premade crust and some canned cherry filling. It probably wasn't as good as it would have been if everything as homemade but I did what I could. 

I put one crust on the bottom (obviously) and then poured in 2 cans of cherries. I spread out the top crust and used a heart cookie cutter to make a bunch of little hearts. Then I just layered them on top. One piece of advice is that I should have put the lowest level of hearts all the way out to the edge. Still, I really loved how it turned out. (Besides the slightly burned crust)

Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


If you know me then you know that I love football, especially the Broncos. I devotedly watch every game and sometimes I get a little too into the games. But, I am a little bit of a pessimistic fan so when they beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship I was worried. Lets just say the the broncos had a pretty bad experience in the Super Bowl two years ago and I figured with the way the Panthers were playing we would be in for a repeat.

But from the first play of the game I was wrong and I was so so happy! The Broncos lead the whole game and obviously won. Let me tell you, watching your team win the super bowl is one of the best feelings. I knew I should have bought those $4,500 tickets to see it happen in real life. 

Either way, I am a happy happy girl and I will be wearing my orange and blue all week.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Frugal February.

A few years ago I made a goal for every month of the year. I really liked that approach to making goals so I decided I would implement it for just a few months of the year. So this month is going to be Frugal February.

Spencer and I have something exciting we are saving up for (details coming soon!) so I want to be extra dedicated to saving. I am not going to spend any money outside of what is necessary. So that means no shopping and I am going to be extra diligent about getting good deals while I am doing grocery shopping and other necessary spending. 

I do have a few caveats to this rule. Every once in a while I can buy myself lunch. Probably less than once a week. I know that may seem silly but when I am at school all day long sometimes I need a little mental break and going to get lunch does that for me. I also have one valentines day decoration I am going to make so that requires me to buy a couple things. But besides that I am not going to buy anything outside of like groceries and gas. 

I am actually pretty excited about this goal. I often don't pay too much attention to my spending but when I really cut back on random purchases it adds up quickly. And I always find it much easier to save when I have something to actually save for and by the end of the month everyone will get to know what we are saving for!

(FYI, we are not saving for a baby. It seems like everyone I know is having a baby right now but not us!)

Monday, February 1, 2016


I am super into celebrating anniversarys of any kind. So when the anniversary of getting engaged came around we obviously had to celebrate it. 

We got engaged on January 31st last year so our engagement-iversary was yesterday. We live pretty close to where Spencer proposed so after church we decided to walk over to the gazebo where we got engaged. It was snowing a little but we didn't realize quite how much it snowing so by the time we got there we were pretty close to being frozen.

Good thing we can be frozen and still be photogenic.

Also, everyone should be really impressed with my self-timer skills. I am getting so good at finding places to put my camera to get a good self-timer photo so we don't only have selfies of the two of us. 

I can't believe it has been a whole year since we got engaged. Getting engaged was obviously the best but I am pretty glad that I don't have to spend this spring planning a wedding. Yay for already being married!