Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Guilty Pleasure

Of course I am already behind on my 52 weeks of pictures challenge. You'll just have to fogive me. The first week of school is always a little crazy trying to figure out how you are going to manage everything. Anyways, here it is.

The category this week was guilty pleasures and I had a really hard time coming up with something that fir the description and was able to be photographed. I don't think anyone wanted me to take a picture with Netflix...because we know that is everyone' guilty pleasure.

My first guilty pleasure is definitely nail polish. I have to actively avoid the nail polish section at the store or I will come home with at least two new bottles. It took me a while to decide which colors to photograph but I am really digging this color right now and I think it is so unique.

My next guilty pleasure is coloring. I have two "adult" coloring books and I love them so much. I really need to get more done instead of just coloring all the time. So there you have it, two of my guilty pleasures...and hopefully I can get my act together this week. But with yesterday being a holiday I seriously doubt it. 

Monday, January 18, 2016


I got Spencer a GoPro for Christmas so obviously we have been trying it out. We are not the best videographers ever but this little sledding video he made is a decent first try. Hopefully we just keep getting better!

Friday, January 8, 2016

My morning routine.

A few months ago I got an online course from A Beautiful Mess called "Capture Real Life in 52 Weeks". I was really excited to start it but I was super busy with school and other things so I knew I needed to wait. I decided to start at the beginning of the year because that made the most sense to me and because I have been feeling really motivated to start new things and improve myself.

I really like this program because it is really simple and they give your prompts for each week but also give you photo tips. So I hope my photography improves and that I make myself take a lot more pictures. 

The first prompt was "My Morning Routine". This one was a little difficult because it is hard to photograph yourself and my routine is different every morning. So these photos are super simple and not the best because morning Anna is not always fully functioning. 

I always have to have socks on in the morning (but I sleep in socks so maybe this is cheating) and I have been trying to read my scriptures every morning. I would honestly say that socks and scriptures are the most important things in my morning so there we are.

I hope to share my photos of the week every Friday and hopefully they get better and better each week!

Friday, January 1, 2016


For the past few years I have liked to set my new year's resolutions around one word. I will be honest and say I do not even remember what my word of 2015 was... obviously a fail. But I have spent the past month thinking about what my word of the year will be. I have decided that my word of 2016 is going to be 


I have felt really unfocused and like out of sorts lately. I feel like I have the shortest attention span ever and I am never able to get things done quickly because I am jumping all over the place. I always have a million tabs open on my computer and I am always trying to multitask. This chaos I am creating in my life has to stop. I want to feel peaceful so I know I have to focus on one thing at a time.  I have also been distracted from my long term goals. This year I want to always be focusing on my long term goals so I can use each day to get closer and closer to those goals.  and so I think this is a perfect time to really focus on what I want out of life and what I can do to achieve it. 

I have decided to break the word down into three different subgoals. 

1. Spiritual

I have definitely been lacking in my prayers and scripture reading lately so that is something I want to focus on. I have been looking to find a good Book of Mormon study guide to help guide my scripture study (if anyone has any that they love let me know!). I am really going to focus on creating a better relationship with my Heavenly Father. I am also going to use my time for spiritual things more effectively. Sometimes as I am reading my scriptures or praying I let my mind wander. I want to be more focused and attentive while I am doing those things so the word focus is key here. 

2. Physical

Taking care of myself physically is one of my biggest weaknesses. I am so dang lazy and I love all the treats! But I am really going to buckle down and I know my body will thank me. I don't have a specific amount of weight I want to lose or anything but I just want to feel better. So in 2016 I am going to focus my energy into how my body feels. I know my body feels better when I do exercise and eat better so why do I keep depriving it of those things?? By focusing on how my body feels and not just how it looks I hope to become stronger and more able to do all the things I want to do. 

3. Temporal

I am kind of combining a few different things in this category. For the first half of the year I am going to use the word focus as it applies to school. I have been seriously awful at paying attention in class. I often feel like I go to class and then at the end of the class period I haven't learned anything because I have been busy messing around on my computer. So from here on out I am going to work really hard to pay attention and to really focus on what is being taught. I also want to focus more on my assignments. This last semester I put in the minimun amount of work required and I wasn't really proud of any of my work. I want to focus on the task at hand and get it done to the best of my ability. 

After I graduate I am going to try to apply that same amount of focus and energy to whatever job I get. If I can set a good precedence for working hard and taking pride in my work from the beginning I will be on the right track for future success. 

Focus may seem like a weird word for most people but for me it is just what I need. I need to have better focus and perspective on both my short and long term goals. I am really excited for 2016 and I know if I can apply my word of the year diligently then I will have a wonderful year!