Friday, October 23, 2015


So we started an Etsy shop. We may be crazy but we are super excited about it!

(Logo designed by Rachel Pennock)

Before we got married I had made a few embroidered things and really loved to cross stitch like an old lady. And since we knew we didn't want a traditional sign in book at our wedding we decided to make and embroidered world map to have people sign. But once we finished the map we were so obsessed with it that we couldn't imagine letting people write on it.

So we kept the map clean and made a sign in canvas with our names and wedding date embroidered on it.

 This is the best picture I have of it right now.

We are getting pretty good at embroidering canvas and we get tons of compliments on our map so we thought....why not see if anyone else wants a super awesome map??

And that is how we came up with our own little etsy shop. I always say I am one of the least crafty people on the earth but I really love this embroidery and cross stitch stuff. The shop is pretty bare right now because we are only offering world maps but we are planning on expanding as we get more experience and ideas. We are really excited about this and hopefully other people will be too!

So give our shop a little look and see if a map is something that you want. If not, keep checking back because we will definitely have more items going forward!

Stitches Shop


  1. I might have to get one when we build our new house...i want to do globes and maps in our living room/library..super fun.