Friday, October 2, 2015


I am the least domestic wife that Spencer could have ever picked. Seriously. The only way things really get done around the house is if he does them. 

Last night I put a frozen lasagna in the oven and was proud of myself that I remembered to steam some green beans in the microwave. The level of our dinners around here is very very low. But it is Fall now and that is making me feel extra wifely. make myself actually step it up I am going to blog about all my domestic endeavors. Whic will include: making a pie, finally blogging about our apartment, mastering one new recipe (because when I tried to make homemade mac and cheese this week it was a total fail), getting at least one fall decoration, and making two awesome halloween costume. 

Does Fall make anyone else feel extra domestic and homey??

And to prove that I can be a good wife here is a wedding picture, because I never get sick of them.

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  1. hey, there ain't nothing wrong with not being the traditional and stereotypical "domestic" house wife! you do you lady. I am no good at the cooking and cleaning either. it is all about working together in my book!