Friday, October 30, 2015


Our Halloween is going to be a little low key but we had a few parties last week so obviously we needed costumes. We had a bunch of different ideas but we decided to keep it pretty simple. There were lots of little steps but I think it ended up pretty cool.

Yay for soy sauce and sriacha. Those are our favorite condiments so luckily they went well together.

I was assigned to bring dessert to the party and I had seen so many sugar cookie ideas this month that of course I had to make cookies. I was so so worried that they weren't going to turn out. I had never made the cookie or frosting recipe I decided to try so I was so nervous about the whole endeavor. But I think they turned out pretty well.

Not quite as cute as some of the ones I saw on the blogs but I was pretty proud of myself and they tasted really good if I do say so myself. 

I hope everyone has a spectacular and safe halloween!

Friday, October 23, 2015


So we started an Etsy shop. We may be crazy but we are super excited about it!

(Logo designed by Rachel Pennock)

Before we got married I had made a few embroidered things and really loved to cross stitch like an old lady. And since we knew we didn't want a traditional sign in book at our wedding we decided to make and embroidered world map to have people sign. But once we finished the map we were so obsessed with it that we couldn't imagine letting people write on it.

So we kept the map clean and made a sign in canvas with our names and wedding date embroidered on it.

 This is the best picture I have of it right now.

We are getting pretty good at embroidering canvas and we get tons of compliments on our map so we thought....why not see if anyone else wants a super awesome map??

And that is how we came up with our own little etsy shop. I always say I am one of the least crafty people on the earth but I really love this embroidery and cross stitch stuff. The shop is pretty bare right now because we are only offering world maps but we are planning on expanding as we get more experience and ideas. We are really excited about this and hopefully other people will be too!

So give our shop a little look and see if a map is something that you want. If not, keep checking back because we will definitely have more items going forward!

Stitches Shop

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

5 Months.

Today on our 5 monthiversary I will tell you my biggest regret of my wedding day. 

It is that I didn't listen to this song. So any of your brides getting married soon, please please please listen to this on the morning of your wedding day so you don't have a regret like mine.

Also, have a wedding picture cause I know you all love them as much as I do.

Monday, October 12, 2015


As I said in this post, I told you I was going to blog about our apartment. So here we go.

Here is a little overview picture of the living area. 

I love our little kitchen. We are spoiled with new appliances and if we live anywhere else in the near future we may be wishing to come back to this kitchen. Our whole apartment was redone about a year ago so everything is in really good shape.

Bathrooms are hard to photograph. Especially since ours has the narrowest door way ever. Please note the shower curtain. I love it. 

I purposefully took this picture so it looked like our bedroom matched but it definitely doesn't. It is kind of a hodgepodge of furniture. The best part of the room is that we have two closets. I don't know how we would survive without two.

This is the view out of our bedroom window. So if anyone goes to Apollo let us know and we can wave to you out our window.

We also have another little bedroom but it full of junk (how do we have so much stuff??) so it didn't get its own picture. Now, here are some things I love in our home.

For some reason we have lots of different sets or out initials around our house but these are definitely me favorite. We painted them for the wedding and it was the first real project we did together. 

(Please ignore the bat. It is not part of our normal decor).

Spencer's neighbor painted a beautiful picture of the Salt Lake Temple for us. He painted on the day of our wedding so it is extra special. And of course we had to display some wedding pictures.

Spencer's grandparents recently downsized and gave away a bunch of their furniture. Spencer sent me a picture of these chair and said "We don't want this chair do we?" I said of course we want it! I think it is the cutest little chair and everyone gives us lots of compliments on it. Eventually we will probably get it recovered but for now I just love it.

We aren't allowed to have a pet and I needed something to care for so we got a little tree. I think he needs to have a name. Any suggestions?

Our bedroom had a random hook in the ceiling from the previous tenants so we decided to hang up the mobile I got from Zambia. I thought it was the cutest thing and I got it to hang over the crib of any future baby Whitmores but it was too cute to put into storage until then. 

We didn't want a traditional sign in book at our wedding so I stitched our names onto a canvas. We love it and I love being able to see if every day and be reminded of all the wonderful people we have in our lives. And if you didn't sign it at our wedding please come over and sign it now! 

I saw this pillow in Hawaii and had to have it! It was a little pricey for such a tiny thing but so worth it.

So there you have it. Our little home. And now that you know what it looks like you need to come see it in real life. We love visitors!

Friday, October 2, 2015


I am the least domestic wife that Spencer could have ever picked. Seriously. The only way things really get done around the house is if he does them. 

Last night I put a frozen lasagna in the oven and was proud of myself that I remembered to steam some green beans in the microwave. The level of our dinners around here is very very low. But it is Fall now and that is making me feel extra wifely. make myself actually step it up I am going to blog about all my domestic endeavors. Whic will include: making a pie, finally blogging about our apartment, mastering one new recipe (because when I tried to make homemade mac and cheese this week it was a total fail), getting at least one fall decoration, and making two awesome halloween costume. 

Does Fall make anyone else feel extra domestic and homey??

And to prove that I can be a good wife here is a wedding picture, because I never get sick of them.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Let's just do a quick little recap of what happened last night.

We watched Scream Queens (new tv show that is horrible/really hilarious/ I can't decide if I like it) and then I made Spencer go pick us up KFC...because we are classy and I was already wearing my pjamas so there was no way I was leaving the house. 

He came home with the KFC and he was really mad because it was slow, we didn't get any sporks, and they didn't include our cookies. So there was a slight rant about that. 

Then the real event happened. Spencer was eating his chicken strips and one of them was like a foot long and the skinniest piece of chicken I have ever seen. Like so skinny. So he made some joke about how that could not possibly be real chicken. Then he tried to dip it in the sauce and since the chicken was so skinny he was getting like a drop of ranch on his chicken. For some reason it was the funniest thing that has ever happened in my life and at that exact moment I had taken a sip of root know where this is going....

Lets just say that root beer went everywhere and I am pretty sure there is still root beer in my brain. 

So those are how our normal nights go. Does anyone else have a really weird life or is that just us?