Wednesday, September 9, 2015


This is my last Zambia post, I promise. But I think it is the most important.

We were able to teach so many wonderful, inspiring, lovely, talented, bright, and amazing young women while in Zambia. They have trying lives but they are working to make themselves better. These girls are unappreciated and not praised for all the things they do. So I want to publicly acknowledge them here.

After we taught them our health lessons we had journals for them to write in. They wrote their names on the journal and as part of our lesson we had them write down their dreams for their lives and their goals. They were kind enough to let us read their journal entries and we were blown away. These girls have big dreams and I know they can accomplish them. They are hard workers and they believe in themselves. 

The most powerful thing that happened on this whole trip happened while teaching these girls. We had a chant that we had each group learn. The chant went like this

I am powerful.
I am bright.
I am a woman.
I know what's right.

Each lesson we had the girls repeat that chant multiple times. As we were teaching our last lesson to the girls that would be attending the school we asked them what that meant to them. Their responses were both heartbreaking and awe inspiring. They said things like..

"It reminds me that being a girl is a good thing"
"It teaches me that I have worth."
"It tells me that I have something to say."

These girls do have something to say and they are powerful. I hope that our lessons and that chant made enough of an impact that they can remember that they are of worth and that they have something to say. That would be the greatest thing we could ever teach them.

Zambia gets better and better each time I go. It is the most beautiful and amazing place. I wish I could take everyone I know with me so they could know why I love it so much. I am so grateful that I was able to go back and experience the wonder of this country and its amazing people. 

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