Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Chicken coop

As I said in my original post about She Talks to the World, we did a lot of manual labor. We had to knock down a chicken coop, rebuild the chicken coop, clean up the yard, and knock down a bunch of walls in the school. It was a lot of work (but anyone reading this that went on the trip will say that I didn't really do very much of it....and that may be slightly true)

Here are other people tearing the roof off of the chicken coop and me being helpful by taking pictures.

And here is a picture of the rubble from the walls someone else knocked down.

And here are pictures that prove that I really didn't do anything. 

But you want to know what I did? I cleaned this area. It may look really horrible still but we did so much work on that it is ridiculous.

You want to know what else I did? I cut off a chickens head. I have never been more proud of myself in my whole life. Graduating from college has nothing on cutting off a chicken's head.

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