Monday, August 31, 2015

The Compound.

One day we went to the compound which is essentially the slum. I have been to a compound in Zambia before but it is always humbling. Especially when I just moved into an apartment and I feel like it is tiny but it is about 4 times larger and infintely nicer than any of these homes. 

It is kind of like a humility smack in the face.

We were able to teach our lesson to a group of about 70 girls and women. This was by far the largest group we had taught and we knew it was going to be a little tricky because we had to use an interpreter. 

We had a really cool experience while we were teaching. We were talking about the female anatomy and we taught the word vagina. As soon as we said that some of the older women told us we needed to skip over that part, but as soon as they said that the younger girls all said "no. We need to learn about this!" It made us pause for a minute and made us really proud. These young girls understood how important this stuff was for them. It made me hopeful for this coming generation and the changes they can make in their country.

The best part of this whole experience was being able to hand out the Days for Girls kits. These women are poorer than anyone else we had taught and would most likely only be able to use rags or leaves when they were on their period. Getting these kits is really going to change their lives and we could see that just from their reactions.

I really can not express enough gratitude to all the people that helped make this trip possible. We were really able to help people and I feel like we actually made a difference.  This has been such a blessing to me and I know it was a blessing to those who we taught.

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