Monday, August 24, 2015

She Talks to the World

So I said before that I went to Zambia with a group called "Healthy Am I" and that is true but we also teamed up with a group called "She Talks to the World". And let me tell you about these unbelievably generous and amazing people. 

The goal of She Talks to the World is to educate girls. Their first step in reaching this goal is starting a girls school. This school will teach girls in addition to their regular school. It is aiming to teach them marketable skills so they can contribute to their communities and support themselves. Their group was going to Zambia to get everything set up for the school and to have the opening ceremonies. 

We were so excited that we got to be a part of their vision. We were going to help their goal by teaching the girls our health curriculum because if the girls don't know how to  care for their bodies they will not be able to support themselves or their familes.

We spent the first few days doing lots of manual labor (I will go into more detail about this later)  and getting to know the girls.

One day in particular the girls shared with us their stories. Where they came from and what their family situation is. You always hear horrific stories and they make you sad but they do not always stick with you. Hearing the stories firsthand from these girls was very humbling. Their lives have been filled with hardship and unlike what most people say, they are not always happy.  It really bothers me when people say that they go on trips like this and they see people that are in such difficult situations but they are still smiley and happy. That is just not true. They do not have super human powers of happiness but they are moving forward. They are doing their best in the situations they have been placed in and in my opinion they are doing marvelously. And most of the time they are happy but their happiness is not what sticks out to me. Their will and their drive to have a better life is what really impacted me. 

These girls are harworking, inspriring, and brilliant. People underestimate girls which is why it is so important to educate them. We had another experience with a group of women that had all been abused by their husbands. These older women were not empowered at all and it was heartbreaking it see how they had to totally rely on others to support themselves. That is very common in many cultures around the world. It was so powerful for me to see that we are breaking that cycle. We are helpng to give girls the skills they need to empower themselves and already I could see how much more poerful these girls were than any other women I met in Zambia. 

This is really important stuff and I am so grateful I got to play a small role in it. 

Please please please check out They are an amazing organization made up of the best people you could ever imagine. I am sure you will be inspired just reading about their message and goals. They are going to change the world. 

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