Thursday, August 27, 2015

Relief Society

In addition to teaching the young women's group we also taught a Relief Society. Relief Society is the women's group that is part of the LDS church.

I was a little nervous to be teaching these women that were all older than me. I felt like they should be teaching me because they have so much more life experience. And in a way I guess they did. 

Watching these women interact with each other and support each other was so wonderful. It reminded me what relief society is all about. 

Relief Society is about supporting women and helping build each other up. Our lessons focused a lot on how girls can support each other. My last relief society was really great and I felt connected to a lot of the women but since we have gotten married I have not felt as connected to my relief society. I know it is always difficult when you first move in but it has also been an adjustment because this is a family ward instead of a singles ward. In the singles ward everyone is kind of in the same position so it is easy to connect with each other. In a family ward things are more difficult because everyone is at a different stage of life. 

Thinking about these women (of all ages) and how they were all friends with each other inspired me. We do not have to only be connected to people that are in our same life situation. We can be taught and loved by people of all ages. That is such a simple concept but it has been difficult for me to grasp. Working with these ladies and feeling their love has inspired me to express more love and support to the women in my own life. 

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