Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I interrupt this seemingly never ending stream of Africa posts with one about what is actually happening in our lives right now.  Spencer and I have both been busy little bees lately so we haven't done too many exciting things but I think our life is pretty satisfying.

We took a lot of selfies because what is better than taking selfies?

We went to two days of the Tour of Utah and I didn't take on picture of the cyclists.

We celebrated three months of marriage by going to a reception at Cactus & Tropicals (where we had our reception) and realizing that the past three months have gone super fast but also super slow.

It was hot as hades in Salt Lake so we escaped to Park City for the night.

These last few weeks of summer have been great and I am so not ready for summer to end. No no no school!

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  1. for real about the hot weather. i am DONE!!!! also, you two are every kind of adorable, and it makes me smile so much!