Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Lesson

We were not just in Africa to play with animals. Although it seems like we did a lot of that and I wish we had more time to do more. But we were in Africa to work.

I went with an organization called Healthy Am I. This organization has created a ton of health material, particularly lessons about female health and menstruation. They had so much information that me and the other intern (Lismore) had to go through a lot of it and create our own mini lessons out of their huge wonderful super detailed lessons. So we spent the first part of the summer doing that, then we tested the lessons on the trip and now we are working through the lessons again so we can make them the best they can be.

The day after we arrived in Lusaka we were scheduled to teach a young women's group. We were super terrified but also really excited. We had done all this hard work and now we were going to see if our efforts paid off.

The topics we were teaching can be a little awkward so we started the lesson with get to know you games so everyone felt more comfortable. And then we jumped right in.

 We had spent so much time dealing with this topic that we had no awkwardness at all. And luckily the girls were pretty receptive and involved in our lessons. We were really worried that the lessons would not sink in at all if the girls felt too uncomfortable but these girls were wonderful and really got into it. By the end people were sharing really personal experiences and you could feel that the whole group was bonding. 

These girls are amazing and each time we taught a lesson we got to understand more and more about the struggles of being a woman around the world. It made me really grateful to live in America and at the same time it made me want to do something more. I think without this really good first lesson and  without this group of girls the rest of the trip would not have gone as well. I am so grateful for these girls and their willingness to learn our lessons and to teach us things at the same time. 

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  1. girl, what an incredible opportunity! i would love to be part of something like this! where can i find more information??