Monday, August 17, 2015

Animal Adventures

Lusaka is a pretty big city so there are not many wild animals around. We had a safari planned for later on the trip so I wasn't too anxious about seeing animals while we were in Lusaka but once Lismore discovered a baby elephant orphanage and Linda told us about a campground with animals we had to go!

We were so excited we could barely stand it! Linda had been before so she told us where to stand so we could get the best view of the elephants. These babies walked right past us! I could have reached out and touched them. They were so amazing!

These elephants were orphaned because their mothers were poached. It was really sad hearing about their different stories and where they were rescued. It was sad but amazing that there were people doing things to help them. 

After we spent a long time looking at the babies and took way too many pictures it was time to leave. The only way this could have bee better is if we could touch the elephants but because they plan to reintroduce them into the wild when they are old enough they are not able to let humans interact with them. 

After the baby elephants we went to a campground that just had animals roaming around. We pulled up and this was the first thing we saw.

How cool is that??

There were giraffes, zebras, and kudu just wandering in around. It was like we were in a jurassic park for animals. Which is just like being in nature haha.

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