Monday, June 8, 2015


Everyone told me that the time right after your wedding is a little bit of a let down. And boy were they right. I love love love being married but going from having a wedding where everyone is always paying attention to you back to normal life is a little bit of a let down. Luckily we have been busy enough that I haven't realized it too much.

First of all we had to deal with moving into our apartment. Which created this monster.

Seriously. That is way too many packing supplies. But none of our stuff got broken while shipping to us, so I guess we shouldn't complain.

Also, soon enough I will give you a little tour of our apartment but we still have lots of boxes all over and lots of decorations to put up. And no one wants to see it until it looks much better than it does right now. 

Then my cousin Taft got married. 

(excuse the poor photo quality)

It was so special to be able to be in the temple so soon after our own wedding and witness another sealing. I felt like I was really able to pay attention and learn more about the things me and Spencer had promised just two weeks earlier. Plus it is always fun to see other people so happy. 

I finally got my Kitchenaid out of the box and I have never been happier. Yay for baking supplies!

Will graduated from high school. Which was totally surreal because it feels like just yesterday I was up on that stage getting my Waterford diploma. I am so proud of him and all the hard work he put in. I don't think anyone that doesn't go to Waterford understands just how challenging it was. I still to this day do not think I have ever done more work than I did spring semester of 11th grade. Even grad school doesn't compare. Getting that diploma is one of the most rewarding things because you worked so hard for it. 

I wish we had actually been on a hike when I took this picture. I have been dying to be out in the mountains but we just haven't had the time. We went to Spencer's sisters house and did a little exploring in her backyard. 

Life has been pretty busy but at the same time it has been pretty simple. Summer is good and marriage is even better.

Also something pretty big, I am going to Africa in 3 weeks. I feel like I haven't told enough people about that so here I am broadcasting it to the world.

(This post should really win an award for being the most boring and disjointed blog post in the world.)


  1. Why are you going to Africa?! Is Spencer going too?

  2. Why are you going to Africa?! Is Spencer going too?