Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bear Lake

We spent last weekend at Bear Lake with some friends. 

I had never spent too much time at Bear Lake and this weekend was just perfect. We stayed a condo that was basically right on the beach.  Literally a 4 minute walk from the door of the condo to the beach. Perfection.

We played lots of games and the guys spent a lot of time throwing things back and forth. It is truly astounding how much time they could be entertained just throwing a frisbee. 

We spent most of Saturday at the beach and it was so lovely. It wasn't too hot but every once in a while you would get warm enough that you would want to dip your toes into the freezing cold lake. 

By the way, wave runners are the funnest thing to ever be invented. 

We went on a little hike to see a tree that was more than 500 years old. It was really cool and so was Spencer's modeling...

We are so grateful to have friends that invite us on their fun adventures!

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