Monday, May 4, 2015


We are officially at 9 days until #spannawedding2015!!!

And I can not even believe it. 

I tried on my dress a few days ago and realized that was probably the last time I would wear that dress until the wedding day.


9 days is like no days!

But for now I am in the midst of finals so I am off. But just know that I am beyond excited!

(Also, I thought that planning a wedding just after finals was a horrible idea but it has distracted me just enough that I haven't become a total stress case over finals and it is actually really refreshing. I have done well on my tests but haven't been able to focus on being stressed. So I am planning on having weddings after all finals weeks. I am sure Spencer will love it)

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  1. Please oh please post/send tons of pictures!! Seriously, you need to remember who this day is really about, and it's me-not you. JK. I guess I'll be okay if it takes a couple of days to send pictures. Maybe you could send them while you're bored in Hawaii because Spencer is off riding his bike up a volcano or something.