Friday, May 29, 2015


It is my firm belief that everyone needs to go to Hawaii and if you know me at all then you know that I have gone quite a few times but this was definitely my favorite trip. After the stress and hecticness of wedding planning we definitely needed a week of relaxing to get over it. And spending 24/7 with your favorite person isn't bad either.

We obviously had to start our trip with fish tacos. Luckily Spencer is a smart cookie and he loves them just as much as I do.

The next day we went to Mama's. The theme of this trip was eating. As is always the theme when you go to Hawaii.

Of course we cleaned our plates.

I hadn't been kayaking in like 7 years so I was happy that Spencer knows how to tie kayaks to the roof of cars and that he will paddle while I just sunbathe. And by sunbathe I mean get sunburnt...

We only took about a million selfies. It is hard when both of you are too scared to ask people to take pictures for you.

Going to the lava fields is probably one of my favorite things. It is just so beautiful and there are never very many people there. Spencer loved it because he got to watch the waves go through a tunnel and crash into the rocks for about 20 minutes. #boys

Lahaina is always a good adventure. Although it means going to the touristy side of the island where everyone is below us. Just kidding! We like it there. 

Spencer never gets to have the camera because these are the kinds of pictures he takes of me. I was sweating to death and my phone was not directing me where we needed to go. So ya, that was not my finest hour.

Last but not least, we hiked to a waterfall. Gotta love waterfalls. Also it was more of a nature walk than a hike...just the way I like it. 

 Overall we had the perfect trip. When we first got there Spencer was saying how we probably wouldn't be able to get back to Hawaii for a while so we need to really enjoy but by the last day he was saying we need to go back for our first anniversary. I will not disagree with that!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Just in case anyone missed it, 


And we are pretty dang excited about it!!

Yay to being married!!

We had a wonderful wedding and our honeymoon was perfect. 

Now we are just having a hard time getting used to real life because real life is way harder than Hawaii. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


As I said in my post about our wedding dinner, Spencer's sister and her husband created the best little video for us. I am seriously so obsessed with it and I had to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wedding Dinner

We did our wedding dinner two nights before our wedding and it was the best choice we ever made. By the time the dinner was over we were all so exhausted and if our wedding had been then next morning we all would have been grumpy goats.

The wedding dinner was perfect. Spencer's mom and sister put so much work in and it turned out wonderfully. We had one little hiccup because there was a misunderstanding and no one had brought any plates. But the issue was quickly solved and the rest of the dinner went perfectly. 

I am so grateful to everyone who has put in so much effort to make our wedding wonderful. I can NOT wait until the actual thing. One more day!

For dessert we had a sundae bar and soft serve ice cream. So good!

Obviously we had to eat Chipotle for dinner.

Spencer was really happy with the food.

Henry took the camera and took some interesting pictures.

Earl and my dad gave wonderful little speeches about me and Spencer. It was great to hear from both of them.

Kendra and Stephen made the best video for us. It was so nice of them to put so much time into it. It was wonderful and I loved it. Hopefully I will be able to get a digital copy of it to show you guys. 
I really really loved it.

I really enjoyed the dinner but I can't believe this whole wedding is actually happening. We have been waiting forever and I can't believe it is actually here. 

The next post will be about the wedding! Yay!

Monday, May 4, 2015


We are officially at 9 days until #spannawedding2015!!!

And I can not even believe it. 

I tried on my dress a few days ago and realized that was probably the last time I would wear that dress until the wedding day.


9 days is like no days!

But for now I am in the midst of finals so I am off. But just know that I am beyond excited!

(Also, I thought that planning a wedding just after finals was a horrible idea but it has distracted me just enough that I haven't become a total stress case over finals and it is actually really refreshing. I have done well on my tests but haven't been able to focus on being stressed. So I am planning on having weddings after all finals weeks. I am sure Spencer will love it)