Thursday, April 23, 2015


Since our wedding is in 3 weeks I decided to share some of our engagement pictures. I am surprised I haven't shared these yet. I was so nervous about taking these and they turned out lovely. Our photographer (Lindsey Orton) was really great and made everything way fun. I can not wait to have her photograph our wedding.

Only 3 more weeks!!!


  1. It's sort of weird to me that you're getting married, but I am excited for you! Even though you're leaving my all alone in singleville. Also, I am a little bit appalled and offended that you two kissed before your wedding day, but I guess you've repented since you're still getting hitched in the temple. You are just so wonderful and I am crying that I won't be at your wedding. Also, Hawaii is pretty lame compared to Alaska, so you should probably come up to Fairbanks instead.