Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Ok so Valentines day may have been like more than two weeks ago but that doesn't mean I cant still blog about it. 

We obviously started the day off with donuts. 

And who has better donuts than Art City Donuts? Oh right, no one. We really really love art city and if you have't tried them then you really should. And if you are really really lazy and don't want to go to the truck maybe you should just come to our wedding and maybe you will get them then.

Anyways, after the donuts I have a craft planned for us. Spencer and I are not really that crafty but planning a wedding has forced us to be at least a little crafty. So we went to Michel's and got started.

We have been racking our brains over what we should do for a guest book at our wedding. We don't really like the idea of a typical book and Spencer loves map of the world so we decided to make a map. A long time ago I made this map of the tube. I really really liked how my tube map turned out so we decided to use that same technique. 

We thought we would be able to finish it that afternoon so we could go out to dinner but that was definitely not the case. We worked all afternoon and went out to a quick dinner at From Scratch (so so good!) and then hurried back to our project. It took us two more days and a lot of team work but we finally got it done. 

We are so so so proud of how it turned out but the only problem is that it turned out so cool we are not sure we want people to write on it. 

So does anyone have any other good guest book ideas? Haha.


  1. I knew that if we just had a book with lots of names signed on lines I'd put it in a box and never look at it again. So I made a book on blurb (I could send you pictures if you want to see how it turned out) using our engagement and groomal photos and then had people sign the pages. So now I have a photo book of our pictures + all the things people wrote at our reception. I leave it on the coffee table and look at it all the time.

    There's a picture of one of the pages on this post: http://www.kayleecoles.com/2014/06/the-reception.html

  2. Duh you're having donuts at your reception, there's really nothing else you could do. Also, just skip the guest book. I just did a random survey of my mom and she said she has never looked at hers and I highly suspect that's the same for a majority of people? This is why I could never be a wedding planner.