Tuesday, March 24, 2015


This last week in church we had a lesson about priorities and kind of about organization and organizing your life. Organization is definitely not my strong suit. Like actually I am really really bad at it. I am also pretty bad at prioritizing. But it is something I so desperately need. 

I am going to grad school full time, working part time (that might be a big of a stretch cause I don't work all that much), planning a wedding, trying to find an internship for summer, trying to find somewhere for us to live after we get married, trying to spend at least sometime with Spencer so we aren't complete strangers when we get married, and dealing with all the things that come with getting married like showers and stuff. 

Its a busy time.

So priorities and organization are key. 

Luckily Spencer is pretty organized so we have about a million lists about the wedding that are actually really helpful. 

But me setting my priorities correctly is probably the thing that is holding me back the most. I want to work on addressing our invitations but I also have an assignment due tomorrow. So I am blogging....naturally. I have so many important things to do that it is hard for me to say that one thing is more important than the other. I obviously need to address the invitations but doing my homework is a bigger issue at this very moment. 

I guess I am just having a hard time making sure everything is getting done when it needs to get done. Does anyone have any advice on how to prioritize things or how they stay super organized? Because I am kind of floundering right now. 

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