Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Logan/Brigham City

We are still chipping away at the Spanna Temple Challenge. We are trying to get them all done before we get married which means we have about 70 days to get to four more temples. Vernal, Manti, Monticello, and Salt Lake. Yes we realize that Salt Lake is the closest temple to where we live but we are saving that one for last. 

This past weekend we went to the Logan and Brigham City temples. 

I have always thought the Logan temple was so beautiful. It is so unique and just amazing. It is set up on a big hill and you can see it from pretty much everywhere in the whole valley. It is really amazing. 

I had never been to the Brigham City temple before and I also don't think I had spent too much time looking at it. But it was also really amazing. 

And let me just tell you, going to the temple while being engaged is like a million times better than going while dating. Spending time in the temple and thinking that in a few short months we will be in the temple being sealed makes the whole experience so much more tender. It also puts everything in more of a perspective. I will only be going to do baptisms for a few more months. While I am ready to participate in other ordinances it makes me even more grateful for each time I get to participate in the baptismal ordinance. 

I am so grateful for temples and all they represent. They are one of the greatest blessings we have on this earth. 

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