Monday, February 2, 2015


I will get around to posting about our engagement later but first I just have to say this. 


 You don't know how good it feels for me to be able to tell everyone that!

It was so so impossible to keep it a secret and we have been seriously planning our wedding for like a month!

We booked the temple on January 6th, I bought a dress on the 9th, he bought his suit on the 17th. and throughout the whole month we have been looking at venues, emailing caterers, picking photographers, looking at flowers, and trying to pick out bridal party outfits. 

It has been super fun but it never seemed real because I didn't have this perfect, beautiful, sparkly ring on my finger.

We didn't want to tell anyone that didn't NEED to know until we were officially engaged. So I am super sorry if you are offended that I didn't tell you sooner but believe me, it was nearly impossible for me to keep my mouth shut. 

But now I can tell you all that we are getting married and we are so excited. I put a countdown app on my phone as soon as we had kind of decided on a date (which was sometime in December) and these next 100 days are going to be the longest of my life. 

I can not wait until I get to be sealed to Spencer for time and all eternity! 

Now lets just hope I can put together a decent wedding because I really have no idea what I am doing and help would be super appreciated!


  1. If you need any suggestions I just planned a wedding last year so I still know some printers, good vendors, florists, etc. Congrats!

  2. This explains the 2 hours on your nails. I still can't wait to hear the engagement story and I'm not even mad I didn't find out until now.