Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Let me just start out by saying that Spencer did such a good job. I seriously texted him a few days ago and asked if we could get engaged again because it was the most perfect moment ever. And now I am going to go into way more detail than anyone cares to know.

He got the ring a week before he proposed and I knew that he had it but I was babysitting and proposing while I was babysitting was not the most appealing thing ever. 

So after I finished babysitting we had plans to go out to dinner Saturday night and Saturday afternoon he texted me and told me that his friends Matt and Lauren wanted us to come over after dinner because they were going out to dinner with Matt's parents. I was actually like mad and disappointed because I was hoping he would propose that night but if we were going to see friends then he wasn't going to propose. 


So we tried to go to dinner at Porcupine Grill but the wait was too long so we ended up going to dinner at Normandie. Dinner was fairly uneventuful except now looking back it was funny that we had a whole conversation about how Matt and Lauren always go out with their parents for dinner (which they do) when really it was all a ruse. But a well thought out ruse because he even had Matt texting him about coming over in case I happened to see his phone. What a smart guy!

So after dinner Spencer went to the bathroom and I texted my friend Sarah telling her that I was pretty sure he wasn't going to propose that night. He was doing a really good job at acting totally normal and I seriously had no idea.

Then we got in the car and started driving towards their house but then he pulled into the parking lot of the Holladay City Office building and I knew something was up. 

We got out of the car and started walking towards the gazebo in the back of the building. One time when we first started dating Spencer had joke proposed to me there so it had some meaning for us. When we walked around the corner there as this poster waiting for us. I was dying. It was so perfect and way more than I was expecting.

So we stood in front of the poster for a minute and I was super super nervous and excited. He started off by saying "I'm sure you're aware of why I wished you to come here" and I thought that was way weird so I was like "why you wish? yeah I am pretty sure I know." But of course I was ruining everything by talking cause he kept going and said

"Because it would make me happier than anything, too happy really, if you would agree to what I wish. And stay with me. And marry me."

Now you all might be thinking, ok weird. But those are the lines from the engagement scene in The Young Victoria which happens to be my favorite movie ever and after a minute I knew exactly what it was from. 

At that point I essentially melted into a puddle of happiness when he says a few more things and gets down on a knee and asked me to marry him. 

I am pretty sure I said yes at some point but neither of us remember the exact details of what happened. We were just too excited. And honestly I didn't even care about him putting the ring on my finger. I was just too happy to be engaged. 

It was seriously perfect and wonderful and everything good. It was even better when he told me that Andrew and Laurel were hiding and taking some pictures for us. 

And things got even better when he gave me this sweatshirt.

It was the most wonderful, amazing, lovely, and perfect for me way to propose. I am so so so happy and I wish I could relive that moment a hundred times.

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