Monday, January 5, 2015


Its a bad sign when you can barely remember what your resolution for the last year was. But this year I am really really really going to try to make my resolution stick.

I have been filled with a lot of anxiety lately. I think the stress I felt at the end of the school year just like continued with me. Most of this stress is completely unnecessary and I should be able to just let go of it. This ever present stress is what leads me to my resolution for 2015.

Psalm 46:10

This year I am going to be still and trust in The Lord.

I love this scripture because it reminds me to relax and be still but it also gives me a sense of perspective. It reminds me that God exists and He loves me. It reminds me of my purpose on this earth. It helps to bring much needed clarity to my hectic chaotic life. 

So this year I am going to be still and let God lead my life. I am going to breath more deeply and let go of any unnecessary stress and anxiety. 

If I just remember that God is in control and trust in that then I know my whole life will go much more smoothly and I will be able  to enjoy it much more. 

So here we go 2015!

Has anyone else shared their resolutions? I love hearing what other people are working on. 

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