Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Life is just a crazy big old mess right now. 

I have been babysitting for two weeks straight and I still have 5 more days so that fact that I am still alive is really a miracle. 

School is the most outrageous thing ever. Guys, grad school is hard. Like sometimes I thought undergrad was hard but I would gladly take all of those undergrad classes again rather than deal with the intensity that is grad school. At least I have made some cool friends and all the people I am working with are really great. So there are pros and cons. 

My whole life is just like buzzing with lots of busyness (yes I know that's not a word) but I can't quite share what exactly that is yet.  (sorry!!) You will all know soon enough.

To get me through the craziness I have to have some good music. And here are my top two favorite songs of the moment. I basically listen to them non stop all day.

 (I could listen to Vance Joy all day long...and I do)

Anyone else have any songs they are loving lately??


  1. The tough love album by Jessie Ware. Mikky Ekko's new album. The Business of Emotion by Big Data