Wednesday, November 5, 2014


The next thing I am grateful for is my memory.

That may seem like a kind of odd thing to be grateful for but let me explain myself...

I spent a really long time last Sunday catching up on my journal writing. I have never been particularly good at writing in my journal but I love to go back and read it. As I was writing about some really important things that have happened since I last wrote I was so happy I was able to remember most of the details about those moments. 

I would be so so sad if I had lost those details and without my memory I would have no record of them. And since I am so grateful for my memory I have decided to help it out by writing in my journal more. I like to think I will be able to remember everything forever but that isn't going to happen. So journaling is going to be my new hobby. 

I think I will probably just start by writing once a week and go from there. And hopefully all this writing about details will help my mind to remember even more details. 

What are you grateful today?

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