Monday, November 17, 2014


Ok, I totally failed at my grateful challenge. But next time you go to grad school then you can be mad at me about it. Cause seriously, school is sucking the life out of me. Thanksgiving break can not come soon enough!!!

Anyways, even though I am a busy little bee Spencer and I still made time to knock off a few more temples for the #spannatemplechallenge. We even did two in one day!

Also, in full honesty, the Mt. Timpanogas temple was closed so we just enjoyed how it looked and took a quick picture. Hopefully we will get back there eventually but for our purposes we visited the temple and that counts.

And since I have failed at saying what I am grateful for I will tell you now that I am extremely grateful for the temple. I am also so grateful that we get to do a temple challenge. There are so many people that don't ever get to go to the temple and we can go to 14 in our own state!!! How lucky are we??

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