Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I am someone that can probably be described as braggy. And if you don't like bragging I would just stop reading this post because I am about to become braggy Betsy.

Grad school has been kind of kicking my butt lately. Every project is harder and takes way more work than anything in undergrad did. That is totally understandable but I just wasn't prepared for quite how hard it would be.

Yesterday me and three other lovely ladies gave an hour long presentation on chidhood obesity. We had to asses the social, economic, and health impacts of childhood obesity, discuss the risk factors, determine how to measure the prevalence of obesity, and create a childhood obesity prevention program. In addition to our presentation we had to write a 20 page paper that went into more depth on all of those topics.

It was a LOT of work.

I would say we spent at least 100 hours working on it. 

But we killed it.

Our presentation went off without a hitch. We created an orginal program that filled a gap in service. We had data to back us up. And we answered all the questions that were posed to us in an informed manner. 

This was by far the biggest project I have ever worked on and I am actually really proud of it. 

I was a little frustrated that no one seemed to care that I was putting so much work into this, or that I was really really stressed or that it was a big deal.(Like 60% of my grade!) But then I realized that even if no one cares or notices what I am doing as long as I am proud of it then that is all that matters. 

So I am just going to relish in my accomplishment even if no one else notices. As long as I find worth and fulfillment in what I am doing then no one else really matters. And now I am going to take myself out to dinner because I deserve it. 

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