Monday, October 27, 2014

St George

I think I have been to St. George more this year than I have in my whole combined life. This last weekend I went for my third time. Which seems crazy to me. 

Anyways, we went down there for Spencer to ride a century aka 100 miles aka craziness.

And it was our first road trip together!

So we obviously had to take a super unflattering picture of me.

We drove down friday afternoon. The drive there wasn't too bad and it was semi-pretty.

We got there, ate dinner, and stopped by the St. George Temple to get 5/14 for the #spannatemplechallenge, and then went to bed. 

(failed temple selfie)

The next morning I had to wake up way earlier than I would have liked to watch Spencer start his race and then drive the whole route so that we could give him waterbottles and snacks as he needed. Lets just say that I am not the best support crew ever. And definitely not the best photographer because this is the best and pretty much only shot I got.

After he finished (I also missed his finish) we had to hustle. It was like 2 and we had to be back in Salt Lake by 7. So we packed up and left in just over an hour which is pretty quick because someone I know moves at the rate of a snail. 

But luckily someone knows how to drive and I got us back home in less than 4 hours. Go me!

And Spencer just took a nap.

It was a quick 28 hours but I think it was favorite trip to St. George this year. 


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  1. Um, you were taking pictures of Spencer sleeping while you were driving? Woah! Unsafe much?